iPhone 12: Covers to Protect It from Bumps and Scratches

It has undoubtedly been the sensation of the week, the presentation of the new iPhone 12 by Apple just a few days ago. Some new phones that arrive with some news, but nothing that we have not already seen in other mobiles. Despite them, it will be legion who will get hold of them in the coming days, and one of these covers will be essential for them.

iPhone 12: Covers to Protect It

If normally investing in a mobile phone is already a great effort, in an iPhone it is much more, so everything that involves protecting our investment we will not be able to see it as an expense, as is the case of a good case like the ones that we are going to learn below that they will ensure their integrity.

Transparent silicone

A classic to protect our phone, in this case the new iPhone 12, which with this case will continue to show off its design and the color that we have chosen for the terminal. With reinforced edges to avoid damage in this area.


With better grip and an interesting design

This Spigen case offers us a really attractive design thanks to its original weave. It also has Liquid Air , which allows it to better absorb the possible blows it may suffer. In addition, thanks to its material and the weft of this case it is easier and safer to grip.

Funda iPhone 12

With wallet and card holder

A classic among the covers that offers us a finish similar to that of leather or leather. Also on the left side when opening it we can see a card holder , also with a quick access hole. Behind it has a small wallet . On the right is the iPhone 12 with its own rugged casing. Being a book format, the screen is also protected when it is closed. It is available in many colors.

Funda iPhone 12

Pack of nine covers in one

There are no less than nine different covers, and best of all, for the price of one, we get nine . Of different colors, in addition to a transparent one. They are the classic silicone covers, flexible and absorbing much of the blows with enough solvency, making it an essential accessory.

Funda iPhone 12


It is not a rugged like the one we are used to knowing. In this case, it mainly has the reinforced edges , as well as a camouflage-type weft on the back, which is semi-transparent at the same time. So this texture will adapt to the color of the phone it protects, being translucent and despite which it is still very safe.


Imitating carbon fiber

A case that gives a very sporty touch to the phone . In this case, with two small portions covered with this material, which simulates carbon fiber, a very common material in sports cars and other sophisticated vehicles.