iPhone 12 Camera: Stress Test Problems

The iPhone 12 is about to hit the market, although surely with a slight delay. The components are already passing the last phases of tests, prior to the final production chain. At this stage it has been seen that one of the key components, the camera, is not meeting quality standards. In this article we will tell you all the details of this rumor.

The iPhone 12 lens failure

The analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has pointed out that the tests that have been carried out on the lenses of the iPhone 12 camera from one of the suppliers have not gone entirely well. Apparently when it was undergoing the temperature stress test it resulted in cracking of the lens. These tests are done to ensure that they can withstand very high temperature environments and high humidity. In this way, the iPhone can be used without problem in those tropical climates that have extreme weather conditions.

iPhone 12 Camera: Stress Test Problems

Specifically, the camera modules that have cracked in these stress tests are those corresponding to the 5.4 and 6.1-inch models. The supplier, Yujingguang , is now responsible for solving this problem. It is not very well known if during the time they have margin they will be able to provide new camera modules that do not break in these situations.

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Will the iPhone 12 lag further?

But everything indicates that this will not cause a delay in the arrival of the iPhone 12 to the market. Apple’s second vendor, Largan, has passed these tests successfully. That is why it is trusted that the production of this supplier can be increased to be able to adapt to the production chain of the iPhone 12. This is the positive thing about having several suppliers, since if one fails for whatever reason it is always you will have a second option to turn to. From Apple it seems that they have learned from problems of the past where they had to suffer delays due to the failure of one of the suppliers. They are also choosing to have control of the main components in order to avoid it, such as the manufacture of the processor or its coverage modem.

Another of the great advantages that Apple will have is that you will receive a discount for shipping the camera modules once they are perfect. If you normally pay two dollars for each of the modules, you could pay $ 1.50 for the unit .

Unfortunately, the delay due to COVID-19 is expected to continue as Tim Cook himself reported in the presentation of economic results. At first, you will have to wait until October or November to see these new iPhone 12 on the market, which will mostly have 5G technology. It is possible that in a first batch the two 6.1 ″ iPhones will come out and in a second batch the 6.7 and 5.4-inch devices in order to satisfy the market.