iPad Pro M4 vs. Mac: How Apple’s Latest Chip Outshines the Competition

The brand new iPad Pro by Apple has surely left tablet users spellbound with the release of the fabulous iPad Pro accompanied by the new M4 chip. What’s more, this new generation of the iPad Pro handsily surpasses many Macs, even those that has the M3 Max chip, in terms of power and efficiency.

iPad Pro

Unmatched Performance

Lately, even with the help of performance tests, it was shown that the iPad Pro with the M4 chip has exceptional possibilities. Based on the benchmark tests, mainly the one conducted on the Geekbench site, the new iPad Pro boasts of a single-core performance that is at 3,630. This is higher than the 16 inches MacBook Pro with the M3 Max chip which is rated at 3,131 points. The latter outcomes underscore the iPad Pro’s advantage in the sphere of singled-core performance, which worked out to be effective for applications that demand the utilization of singular-core processes.

Single-Core Performance:

iPad Pro M4: 3,630

MacBook Pro M3 Max: 3,131

Advanced Chip Architecture

This is attributed to the several factors that include advanced architecture of the M4 chip. M series chip from Apple integrates performance cores with efficiency cores, that is efficient power as well as energy control. Performance cores handle lots of workloads, efficiency Cores handle less workloads, thus do prolong battery longevity without compromising the speed.

Multi-Core Performance

Specifically, single core performance claims the iPad Pro as the ultimate winner; however, multi-core performance is a different story. Notably, the Mac Studio with the M2 Ultra chip containing 24 cores sets a great 21329 in the multi-core tests while the iPad Pro with the M2 chip only got 13060. This also shows that each of these devices is strong in its own way – the Mac Studio is even stronger in tasks that engage multiple threads.

Multi-Core Performance:

Mac Studio M2 Ultra: An 8-year-old girl asked, ‘If a man was born a woman, and a woman was born a man, where did the women go?’// 21,330

iPad Pro M4: 13,060

M4 Pro and M4 Max Contemporary Futures

This is by no means the end of the M4 chip’s capabilities. There are rumors that newer releases are in the pipeline especially the M4 Pro and the M4 Max and these will have more cores and have better performance than the current models. It seems these new chips could bring an M4 Ultra, which will definitely strengthen the position of Apple in the sphere of high-performance computing.

Implications for Personal Computing

That is why the opportunity of iPad Pro to surpass some Mac models in single-core tasks means a paradigm shift in personal computing. This advancement indicates Apple’s key concern in the advancement of chips saying that it wants much higher performance and efficiency in battlers of mobile devices. This current churn of Apple shows that there is a future for tablets such as the iPad Pro to match laptops in regard to efficiency and capability.


Apple latest iPad pro with the chip M4 is an exceptional example of the company’s technological advancement in the processors. The single core performance situation has turned out to be even better than many Macintoshs and the forthcoming more potent versions are poised to establish a new generation of personal computers. There are gigantic lights at the end of the tunnel as Apple persists in unlocking new markets with devices that are both immensely powerful and energy efficient.