iOS 17: What news would it have? When does it show up?

If there is an expected moment during the year for all users of Apple phones, that is the moment in which the new operating system for their mobiles is discovered and in this 2023, it is the turn of iOS 17 . An operating system that is supposed to continue to improve and expand some tools that we have already seen in iOS 16 as well as the addition of many others. Do you want to know what news is coming? We explain everything that has been discussed to date.

Talking about Apple and the new thing that it is about to launch to the public is also talking about rumors, about the bickering that goes around the forums, but also about many leaks that arrive and that appear to be absolutely reliable. Therefore, before iOS 17 officially arrives, we anticipate everything that is to come in the new version of Apple’s operating system.

iOS 17

The news that are rumored in iOS 17

On what sounds more powerful for the arrival of iOS 17, is above all the renewal of the control center interface , resembling in this case what we can find on Macs, much more stylized and based on large buttons. . As for the interface, we would also see the change in the position of the application library , now being able to open it by sliding from the bottom, as well as a redesign of the app icons and their shading on the home screen; a redesign that we can also see in some applications, such as the calendar, one of which has been rumored. It seems that in general terms we will see an interface that is similar and closer to the one we can see in MacOS although, of course, adapted to the iPhone.

If there is something that iOS 16 has brought that has revolutionized our iPhone, it is the possibility of much more customizing the home screen and the mobile lock screen. Apple is expected to continue increasing the degree of customization of this tool with the introduction of new fonts for the time and the text that appears on the screen, new wallpapers and even the possibility of including new widgets. In this sense, the possibility of sharing your lock screens has been advanced.

As usual at Apple, we will also have improvements in the security of our data and the devices that we have connected to our Apple ID. We may see improvements in the encryption system for our data as well as other new cybersecurity tools. In the same way, with the more than foreseeable inclusion of Dynamic Island that the iPhone 14 Pro has already brought in the new models, it seems that we will also see news and implementations in this software element.

When will we see iOS 17?

If you have liked all these possibilities that will possibly arrive on our phone in a few months, the most normal thing is that you currently want to know the moment in which approximately you can officially see this new version. Possibly we can see it during the month of June , at the usual Apple developer conference, the WWDC of this 2023, doing it together with the new versions of MacOS, iPadOS and WatchOS.

Of course, we are talking about the moment in which we will see this new version of Apple’s operating system before our eyes, so this has nothing to do with the moment in which it should reach our iPhone. In this case, based on the usual calendar that Apple usually follows, it will not be until a few months later that we will see how this update reaches our iPhone. It will be approximately between the months of September and October when we will see this update being installed on Apple phones, although everything seems to indicate that models like the iPhone 8 that have iOS 16, will not be able to enjoy the new version.