iOS 16.3 breaks notifications on many iPhones

The new iOS 16.3 update is causing a lot of problems for its users who are seeing how notifications have stopped working, they go wrong, they do not play sounds or animations and they have numerous bugs.

While this new version of iOS promises a lot with its improvements, including physical security key support, bug fixes, 2nd-generation HomePod support, security updates, and other new features that can be seen on updated iPhones , is also being the focus of many complaints.

iOS 16.3 breaks notifications on many iPhones

Notifications don’t work or go wrong

Many users who have upgraded to the new version of Apple‘s operating system have not been slow to complain about the abnormal performance of their notifications . This is causing a serious problem for them, many of whom do not receive notifications after this update.

Notifications don’t arrive

Some say that, although the settings and notifications in the app are activated for Gmail, they do not receive notifications of their received emails . Another assures that WhatsApp does not reach him unless he opens the application . It affects several apps, and although reinstalling them can solve the problem to some extent, it reappears after time. Resetting the apps and the phone doesn’t seem to be the solution.

Complaints such as those of this user have not been long in coming:

iOS 16.3 is so awesome that it crashed my iPhone on reboot while I was writing my code. I still can’t get message notifications from Apple on my Apple Watch . Great job.

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Victor Agreda Jr.
iOS 16.3 is so awesome it locked up my iPhone on reboot as I was typing in my code. Still can’t get notifications for Apple messages on my Apple Watch. Great job @AppleSupport
January 27, 2023 • 15:37



Errors occur in many services:

Major iOS 16.3 notification issues on calls, WhatsApp messages, iMail . Any idea why?

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Nipun Kejriwal
@utsavtechie iOS 16.3 major notification issues across calls, WhatsApp msgs, iMail. Any idea why? @Apple @AppleSupport
January 26, 2023 • 12:56



No notification sound

Some say that their phone does not show the notification or play the sound, some even say that it happens when Bluetooth is activated.

Some have tried everything without success:

I updated last night and now I have zero notifications through headphones or speaker. The silent cycle switch does nothing. Force reboot nothing, all notification settings are unchanged. Full Volume. Coming from iOS 14 on an xs max, this 14 Pro max is just like a Windows 98 computer.

notificaciones iPhone

It happens on several models, including the 13 and 14 Pro Max:

I have a 13 Pro max, recently my notifications have no sound. I’ve tried everything and still no sound. Any ideas?

Notification center stutter

The notification center also stutters on some devices, something that affects different models. You can also see delays and screen flickering in the notification center.

The notification center is very slow and the performance is unstable , according to this user:

Is anyone else having trouble with iOS 16.3? Because I have been having issues with Notification Center lagging and lagging, also the performance is absolutely shaky.

Music widget gets stuck:

OK, this error is really annoying. I’m on iOS 16.3, I can’t see my notification to the end, the music widget is stuck in the middle. Apple fixes this.

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Edwin Yang
OK this bug is really annoying. I’m on iOS 16.3, can’t see my notification all the way to the bottom, music widget stuck in the middle. Apple fix this.
January 27, 2023 • 2:38 PM



He is not the only person who has noticed it, in fact, there are several:

Is anyone else running into notification center lagging? More specifically, on the home screen, when you swipe up to show you the notification center, the “notification center” bar goes up and then down.

Apple doesn’t speak

Apple has not ruled on the matter nor has it responded to those affected, although we hope that they will soon recognize the problem with notifications that is affecting many of its users and finally fix it. It’s probably with a new update.

We will be waiting for it to do so, meanwhile all that remains is to go back to the previous version or do the basic tests such as restarting, reinstalling the apps and others to see if it is fixed (even temporarily).