iOS 15 “breaks” the apps on your iPhone. How to fix it?

Software problems are the most normal thing in the world. There is none that does not suffer from imperfections in some aspect, although sometimes these can become a real headache because they prevent a correct start-up of the smartphone. This is precisely what happens with iOS 15 and iPhone.

There is no doubt that the operating system of the American company is possibly the best optimized to achieve excellent development. However, this does not exempt it from malfunctions . An example of this is the sound errors of the iPhone XR. A sign that perfection is an elusive goal for all manufacturers.

iOS 15 "breaks" the apps on your iPhone

During these days, users have experienced failures when executing applications , since they are closed suddenly. At the moment Apple has not offered any solution in this regard, but you can try to remedy it yourself with these procedures.

The simplest: reboot

It may seem silly, but this method that we use many times may be what you are looking for. The components of the phone do not stop working for a moment. For this reason, it is advisable to give the device a little respite by restarting it.

ios 15 roto iphone

The first thing to do before doing so is to close the background applications . Then press and hold the side button for several seconds and slide to the right so that the terminal turns off. After a few minutes of rest, turn it on again.

Delete the app

Be careful, before carrying out the removal of the software, you must bear in mind that if you do not make a backup copy, you will lose your data later. Like any other iOS system, it allows you to delete the files of an app and their respective data.

To do this, simply access the settings from the home screen and access the general section. Once inside, look for ‘iPhone Storage’ and tap on the program you want to discard. Download it again and see if the problem has been fixed.

Report the error

Perhaps it is possible that the error of a certain application is not exactly due to the brand’s operating system, but to the app itself. That is why you can inform the developer about this event so that they can start working on a patch as soon as possible.

iPhone 12 mini

Carrying out this measure does not keep any mystery, because it is enough to enter the list of software downloaded in the App Store and slide until you come across the option you are looking for. Below you will find a link to the website of the developer in question.

Don’t update iOS

A new update does not have to mean an improvement in the various sections of the mobile. There are countless occasions where a version has completely messed up the operation of the terminal.

For this reason, you should inform yourself about it before carrying out the procedure. Just by entering the specific version you can find opinions and reviews from different users of the network.

Restore software

The most tedious solution is to reset the device to factory settings. It is true that it can be a complicated process, but it is the safest way to get rid of system errors. First of all, please make a backup to avoid losing data and keep the battery at a high percentage.

Errores y problemas iOS 15

Connect iPhone to computer to get access to it. Turn off the ‘Find my’ setting to start the connection. Open iTunes and click on the iPhone icon. In this section, click on ‘Restore iPhone’ . It depends on the connection speed, the duration will be longer or shorter.

Force restart

The American company has programmed some buttons on the smartphone to cause a forced reboot to restart all its functions. The thing is that each iPhone model has a specific shape , being the following:

iPhone with Face ID and 8 series

From the launch of the iPhone X the home button disappeared. For this reason, you have to press the volume up button and the volume button button down consecutively. After that, hold down ‘Side’ until the signature logo appears.

IPhone 7 Series

Press the volume down button and then hold the unlock button next to the previous one until the apple symbol appears.

IPhone 6 and earlier series

On this occasion, you just have to hold the unlock button and the start button at the same time until the company’s corporate image is displayed.