Internet receiver with 4G or 5G: which one to buy

A very interesting option to have Internet anywhere is to buy a USB adapter that has 4G or 5G . This allows us to take advantage of widely available mobile networks and thus be able to connect our computer to the Internet from practically anywhere, as long as there is coverage available. Now, what should we take into account when we go to buy a device of this type? We are going to talk about this in this article.

How a USB adapter works with mobile coverage

Internet receiver with 4G or 5G

First of all, we are going to explain how an adapter of this type really works and why it is so interesting to use it in certain circumstances. It is a device that offers Internet connection to a computer, simply by having mobile coverage . This allows that equipment to receive a signal and we can navigate the network in the same way as if we were connected to a router by Ethernet cable or by Wi-Fi.

These types of devices have a slot to put a SIM card and in this way receive Internet coverage. It is only necessary that the operator we are using has coverage in that place. We can connect through 4G or 5G networks . Of course, the device must be compatible with these networks.

The way to work is very simple. Basically what the adapter does is receive the Internet signal through mobile networks and in this way creates the connection. The adapter will be plugged in through a USB port.

This allows us to connect from virtually anywhere. As long as we can use our mobile to have Internet, we could also use this type of receivers and create a connection for our computer. An alternative to having to share data directly from the phone, with the battery consumption that this implies.

It is a very useful option for traveling by train or bus and still having an Internet connection anywhere and being able to work with the computer. However, in order for us to make the most of its operation, we must take into account the different characteristics it may have.

What a network adapter with 4G or 5G should be like

When buying any device we must take into account its characteristics . In the case of acquiring a network receiver with 4G or 5G we must see certain main points that we are going to describe. In this way we will achieve better performance and thus be able to connect to the Internet without problems, without interruptions or having a bad speed.

Type of supported networks

The first and most basic thing is to check what type of networks are compatible with that adapter that we are going to buy. This is very important to achieve a good speed and to make the most of the available resources and to be able to navigate in the best possible conditions.

The normal thing is that today most of these adapters that use mobile coverage will have 4G. But of course, we must bear in mind that 5G is currently the fastest technology when we talk about mobile Internet and it is interesting that our adapter is compatible. For this reason we must make sure that this is the case when we go to buy one.

Transfer speed

One of the most important factors is speed . We must know what the transfer speed of that USB receiver that we are going to buy will be. But be careful, you have to look at both the download speed and the upload speed, since we could find notable differences.

The type of supported networks will play a fundamental role here. A device that only works with 3G is not the same as another that can also connect to 5G networks. The latter will be the ones with the highest capacity and can offer us higher transfer speeds, both upstream and downstream.

Mejoras del 5G frente al Wi-Fi

That has a USB 3.0 port

We must also look at the characteristics of the connection with the computer. This type of device connects through the USB port , but it may or may not be compatible with version 3.0. It is important that it is, because otherwise we could not achieve a good speed and we would have problems.

If we connect through the USB 2.0 port we can have stability and speed problems. Although we can connect, we would not achieve the same results as if our device is compatible with the latest USB ports. Therefore, we must also take into account this point that can be decisive for speed.

Dimensions and weight

Both the dimensions and the weight of the device are characteristics that we can analyze before buying it. It will be a device that we are going to take anywhere, since that is precisely what they are designed to be able to connect through mobile networks.

If we are going to carry it with the laptop, for example in the case of the same computer, the interesting thing is that it has a compressed size and that it does not weigh much. These are values that we can easily see in the characteristics of the product and that can be a differential between one and the other.


We must also see that the receiver is compatible with the operator that we are going to use. The normal thing is that it is free and we can use it with practically anyone, but it is not always like that and it is convenient to take a good look at it before buying anything. For example, if we are going to travel to another country, if it is free, we would have no problem using it, as long as it is also compatible with the networks.

But compatibility is not only being able to connect to any mobile network, but also that the device itself is compatible with the operating system that we use. Generally, in Windows there will be no problems, but perhaps we are going to use Linux or macOS and want to verify that they will indeed work without problems in those operating systems.

In short, these are some important factors that we can take into account when buying a receiver to have Internet and that works through 4G or 5G networks. In this way we can make the most of the resources and ensure that the Internet speed and the stability of the connection are adequate.

However, although we may only want it to connect to the Internet on a computer, in which we connect the receiver to the USB port, the truth is that there is the option of having a 5G router that allows connecting more clients. Basically it can act as a router and thus offer signal to other computers. If we are going to need to connect a mobile phone, a tablet, another laptop or any device, we must know if it allows connecting more devices and what is the maximum capacity. Generally, this type of device usually allows you to connect 5 to 8 computers without major problems.