Is it possible to install macOS from Apple on the Raspberry Pi?

When talking about desktop computers, most of the time we refer to somewhat bulky computers that are part of our desk. But we can also use smaller and extremely functional devices such as a Raspberry Pi.

In this case we are talking at first about a small board that can be part of a mini PC that we can even assemble to our liking. In fact, this device has spread throughout the world in recent years, being the most popular and sold in its sector. There are many factors that influence the success of this element that surely many of you know very well.

install macOS from Apple on the Raspberry Pi

Starting with the low price for which we can buy it, we add the enormous versatility in terms of uses that we can give it. Keep in mind that we can use a Raspberry Pi to perform all kinds of tests, work, play, play multimedia content , etc. In addition, this is a team that is trained so that we can install a multitude of different operating systems. As you can imagine, this is something that opens up a wide range of possibilities in terms of its use.

Here we can install systems such as Android, all kinds of Linux distributions, Chrome OS, and even Windows. To a large extent, everything will depend on our expertise and software knowledge. At this point many of you may wonder about the possibility of installing the system for Apple desktops . Specifically, we refer to working with a Raspberry Pi based on macOS .

Using macOS on Raspberry Pi differently

Well, for those of you who have asked this question, say that, despite the broad compatibility of this device with multiple operating systems, it is not possible to install macOS from the apple firm. With everything and with this, those of you who are really interested in carrying out this task, using macOS on this mini PC, you can always use an alternative solution.

Although, as we have told you natively, we cannot install the Apple software on this board, we can simulate the experience in a fairly adequate way. In fact, thanks to this emulation that we are talking about, we will obtain an interface and a user experience that will surprise more than one. Specifically, we are talking about iRaspbian , a very interesting Linux distribution with which we can emulate the commented software. As usual once we install this distro on the Raspberry Pi, we will have at our disposal a multitude of customizable parameters.

iRaspbian macos

But what is striking in the present case is that it adds an integrated theme that emulates the macOS interface in a quite striking way. In addition, the most loyal fans of this specific operating system will see other additional additions that they will surely love. We say all this because the Linux distribution that we mentioned before, in turn also integrates a virtual machine with the old version Mac OS 9.2. In this way we will have the possibility to recall old times of use with our equipment based on this operating system.