Install the best version of GCam for your mobile camera

Install the best version of GCam for your mobile camera

GCam is one of the most popular applications for mobile phones. This is the photographic software that Google uses for its smartphones. Installing it on your device will considerably increase the quality of the images taken with the camera.

Although it is only available from the factory in Google Pixel terminals, it does not mean that you cannot have it on practically any mobile with integrated Android. To do this you must resort to an APK , but to take full advantage of its features you will need some settings depending on the phone you have. Of course, as you will guess, it does not work on iPhone, so it cannot help you to solve the errors of your camera.

Use XML files

This application is modified by various developers who share versions aimed at each model and brand. In certain cases you will also have XML files at your disposal. These are documents that include some settings dedicated to getting the best version for your phone.

Interfaz GCamator

You can find the corresponding file in various forums, but if you want to save yourself you can use GCamator . With it you can download the best version available for our phone. The application is completely free, so you just have to enter the name of your smartphone and it will provide you with the most current GCam for your mobile. If your terminal is very recent, it is most likely that it does not yet have a version for it, so it will take a few months.

How to install it correctly

Once the GCam application and the corresponding XML file have been downloaded, you must follow some steps so that your mobile phone is configured properly. The process is hardly complicated and will only take a few minutes:

  1. Enter the GCam and access the ‘Settings’ .
  2. Scroll down and click on ‘Settings’ .
  3. From the three options that appear, select ‘Save’ and enter any name.
  4. Go to Downloads and send the XML file inside the GCam folder, where you will find another folder called ‘Configs’ or ‘Configs7’ depending on the model.
  5. Inside it you will come across the document that you had previously saved in the application.
  6. Go back to the app and press several times next to the trigger. After that, a window will be displayed where you can choose the new configuration provided by the XML document.

Ready, you can now enjoy the advantages and functions that it brings, although to take flawless photographs you need more than a good camera.

Is my mobile compatible?

Most likely, yes, since practically all devices can take advantage of the properties of the Google camera to a greater or lesser extent, especially if it has a Snapdragon or MediaTek processor.

Comprobar compatibilidad GCam

Even so, if you want to check it yourself you can use an app known as Camera2 API Probe . When you install it you can access it and verify for yourself that you can use the software.

To know if it is fully compatible in the Hardware Support Level section, the designation ‘LEVEL_3’ or ‘FULL’ must be indicated in green. Otherwise your terminal will hardly be able to use the application.