How to install and use Google Drive on Windows

pwaFor several months now we have been talking about the work currently being carried out by some important technology with the PWA. When we talk about these, it is a reality that we refer to what are known as progressive Web Applications , something that has just arrived at Google Drive.

As we told you just a few days ago, the popular Chrome Apps are now at their doorstep to come to an end. However, at the same time it is expected that one of these substitutes will be represented by the aforementioned Progressive Web Applications or PWA . As many of you may already know, these allow us to bring web platforms to the desktop.

PWA does not stop growing and be available to everyone

In this way, Internet sites that have support for it, can already be used as if it were a local application on our PC . Well, we tell you all this because the cloud storage service, Google Drive , is already PWA. This is something that the search giant has previously done with its own platforms such as YouTube Music and Google Photos .

In this way, the firm’s interest in this particular application format is evident, something that is intended to be the future of apps. Keep in mind that this movement is not something that will change the experience of using the platform as such. Of course, you can make the handling of our files and folders stored in the cloud , seem a bit more native and local.

In this way, once we have carried out the PWA installation process, this will bring us several advantages. On the one hand we will have a direct access to Google Drive from Windows 10 itself , without going through the browser. Also in the application window we will no longer see address bar, or tabs, etc. In this way, what is achieved is that all this seems like a totally native and local experience . However, in the background we will continue to work on the Google Drive platform , as always.

How to create the new Google Drive PWA

So, to start getting the progressive web application from Google Drive, the first thing is that we must have a compatible browser, such as Google Chrome or Edge Chromium , for example. Then we will have to place ourselves in the usual website through which we access our Drive space in the cloud, that is, from this link .

Google Drive PWA

Then this personal space we refer to will appear on the screen, but what interests us now is not that. We must look at the icon with a + sign that is located to the right of the browser’s address bar. That is where we must click to install the PWA that we are talking about in these lines. At that moment the corresponding window of the new application will appear on the screen.

Google Drive PWA

At the same time, we must bear in mind that it will be placed in the Windows 10 Start menu like any other program that we install on the system. Therefore we can now access the new Drive PWA whenever we want, or even anchor it to the taskbar if we wish.