Instagram Will Finally Stop Doing Searches Just as You Imagine Them

Instagram Will Finally Stop Doing Searches

The Instagram search engine works awful. Or at least, it never offers us what we are looking for. Basically because the search box returns only the name of accounts based on the term you use, hastags or places, but never image results with the word used. This is especially frustrating for users, who want to search for ideas or inspirations for something in particular rather than more words.

The new Instagram search

Instagram busquedas

It seems that the social network of photos and reels has finally accepted its mistake and is willing to improve its search section to make things easier for users. As they have commented on the official blog of the company, the new search box will return a page of visible results with publications that have to do with the term you have used.

Thus, we can find very inspiring images and view them quickly without having to navigate through hundreds of related profiles. The results filtered by account names, hashtag and places will continue to be present, but now a first tab will be included in which to display the images that may be related.

As Instagram has shown in an official image, with the new function we will only have to write “Space” and click on search to obtain all the images related to space. Of course, it seems that the order of appearance of these images is related to the most popular images on the network, so it will not offer publications with low visibility. We will see if the service continues to adjust the details in this regard, although at this rate it could become a Google.

When will the new menu be searchable?

Instagram busquedas

Like all the news within Instagram, this announcement does not imply that the function will soon reach the service. Most likely, the function will have a first trial period in which only some accounts can enjoy the new search panel, so that later the service will launch a general update that allows everyone to enjoy the new function.

At the moment the article on the official Instagram blog has only served to introduce the function and explain how it will work, but for now they have not specified when it will reach all users of the service. It is undoubtedly a function that should have been available for quite some time, it is already more practical and helps to use Instagram as a powerful image search engine.

The sections of users, hashtags and places will continue to work as always, always leading to the top of the results those accounts that are related to your tastes, your profile and your contacts. That is something that works quite well and that allows us to discover new contacts close to our virtual environment.