What Are Instagram Live Badges and How to Generate Income with Them

Social networks are nothing without their users and they know it. But not only are those who consume consuming content important, also and even more those who are creating it as posts in the feed, stories and even direct. For this reason, Instagram now introduces its Instagram Live badges , a new tool with which to generate direct income.

What are Instagram Live Badges

Instagram Live Badges

Instagram knows very well, like many other social platforms, that its success depends largely on users who constantly create content, both in the feed itself and through stories, live events and even via IGTV.

Therefore, and knowing that it was time to do something for the most active users to see their dedication and effort rewarded, Instagram has decided to introduce a new tool with which to directly generate income: the Instagram Live badges.

What’s this Instagram Live Badges thing? Well, if you know what YouTube Super Chats or Twitch Bits are, you already know exactly what this is all about. Basically it is a series of badges for which users can pay and obtain different benefits compared to other users when they comment on Instagram live streams.

If you usually see direct on Instagram you will already know that when there is a significant number of users inside and they also comment, it is very difficult to read each and every one of those comments. And that being just another spectator, so imagine for said creator how complicated it can be if he does not have help.

Well, these Instagram badges are going to have a double use. On the one hand, for those who see the content, they will provide the possibility that their comment is highlighted above the rest and remains visible for more time. This way it will be much easier for whoever is doing the live to see it and be able to answer, thank or what they create appropriate.

For the creator, it is also a new way to earn income because these badges have a cost of $ 0.99, $ 1.99 or $ 4.99 . And for now, according to the company, 100% of the revenue goes directly to the creator.

How to use the new Instagram Live badges

The use of Instagram badges has no mystery, neither for users nor for creators. Basically, when you are in the live shows, you will see at the bottom of the screen the possibility of accessing them and supporting the creator. Once you give him to buy a badge, the different options will appear, you select and that’s it. Although for that you will have to have a valid payment system activated through Google Play or the Apple Store.

However, it is important that you know that at the moment this is an option that is not available to everyone . Instagram is testing the use of the badges among a small group of about 50,000 content creators. So only they can offer that option to their fans and from now until it is launched in a generalized way it may take some time.

Then it will be necessary to see if, as with the use of links to external websites, they decide that only profiles with a specific number of users can or cannot access them. This will be seen, for the moment it is an interesting novelty that will generate more interest in order to create content on the network.

Monetization options on Instagram

With the launch of the Instagram Live badges, the platform expands its monetization options. Thus, after the IGTV announcements launched last spring (still in the testing phase) now comes a new way of earning income from creators.

On what reception it will have and if it will really help to further promote the use of the network as a platform for live events, we will have to be patient. What is true is that after seeing the economic results they had to do something like that. Because Instagram generates significant income and that is partly thanks to the activity of its user community.

Therefore, if you want your most important users not to end up leaving the network, you have to provide them with ways to generate real money and one can be these badges. Even more so if after the confinement the increase in the consumption of videos for money rose by 70%.