Instagram doesn't want you to use multiple accounts, but with this trick you skip it

Instagram is one of the most preferred social platforms across the globe, both by anonymous users and by celebrities. One of the secrets of its success lies in the graphic content that we share in the form of photos and videos.

All this allows us to share with all our followers those experiences and experiences that we want them to know. In addition, as these are multimedia contents, the experience will be much more entertaining and graphic than on other platforms of this type. In turn, there are many companies that use this social network to promote their products in one way or another. This means that we are talking about an online service that is not only used for leisure or sociability reasons, but also for doing business.

Instagram doesn't want you to use multiple accounts,

As a general rule, we open the official application of the platform or access its web version in order to manage our account. This allows us to post, read comments or interact with other users. But perhaps many of you have encountered the inconvenience of having several Instagram accounts. The real problem comes when we want to change accounts, which means that we first have to close the one we have open at that moment.

Natively we do not have any function that allows us to open and manage several social network accounts simultaneously. However, we have the possibility of using a trick that allows us to bypass this important limitation, in some cases. And there are situations in which it would be much more productive to be able to have several social network accounts open and manage them at the same time.

Manage multiple Instagram accounts at once

We have already told you before that we have different ways at our disposal to access our Instagram accounts. This is something that is extensible to both desktop computers and mobile devices. Therefore, in the event that we want to simultaneously manage several accounts of this social network , one of the most effective solutions is found when using the platform in its web version. If we are authenticated with our account in one window and try to open another, the same account is automatically opened.

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But what interests us in this case is that the access window to enter the credentials of another account appears. Well, this is something that we achieve with a simpler method than you think. We only have to open an incognito window in the corresponding browser, be it Chrome, Edge or any other. This will allow us to open several accounts simultaneously and manage them independently and at the same time.

We also have at hand another interesting solution for this limitation that may also help us a lot. And it is that at the same time we have the possibility of downloading and installing the official Instagram application on our Windows computer. Here we can authenticate with other credentials to open other accounts that we have on the platform in addition to the one we have running in the browser.

Developer: Instagram

In this way you will not have any problem when using several different Instagram accounts at the same time. All this despite the limitations that the developers of the platform try to put on us in this regard.