How to Insert an Excel Spreadsheet to a Webpage

The office applications, together with everything that the Internet offers us today, try to greatly facilitate the work we do with the PC. In addition, all this presents us with a wide range of possibilities through programs such as Google Docs, Excel or Word.

Thus, in order to save time in our daily work with the PC, each one has his own way of performing scheduled tasks on a daily basis. Whether we talk about local or online environments, users use platforms or programs that best suit their needs. At the same time in the middle of 2020 we share a good part of our documents and projects with others, something that extends to all kinds of uses.

insert excel to webpage

Share office documents on your own blog

Serve as an example that we need to share with the rest of the world, a series of office documents so that anyone has access to them. For this we have several possibilities, for example we can embed them in a personal website. Furthermore, at this point we can say that this type of actions in particular make our own blog more complete.

But one thing must be clear, since normally when we share files, we tend to share the links that call them. But it is worth mentioning that there is no need to work that way. We tell you this because we also have the possibility to embed the files directly instead of sharing the links. While a few days ago we showed you how to add Word documents to a website , now we will see how to do it with an Excel sheet.

So, first of all for this we will need to have an active account of the OneDrive storage service. This is something that Microsoft itself offers us for free, which is where we initially save the Excel that we want to share. In the same way and because we are going to share it online, we must make sure that the file does not contain personal or sensitive information.

How to embed an Excel in a web page

At the same time it is preferable that for these practices we save the file as such in xlsx format . Thus, once uploaded, we right-click the file and select the option called Insert.

Insertar Excel web

It will be then when a new panel will open on the right side of the window, in which we click on Generate. As you can imagine, this step generates the code to embed the file on the website or blog. Therefore we will only have to copy it to later embed it in the corresponding code on the web. Of course, just having certain somewhat more in-depth knowledge of this code , it will allow us to customize the widget that we are going to embed in the personal website of the Excel document .

Código incrustar Excel

Specifically, that code provided by OneDrive will allow us to modify aspects such as dimensions, the range of data to be displayed, the appearance of the object , etc. In this way and in a simple way, we will not have the need to use links to call office documents. With this simple system we will be able to embed them directly on the websites, which opens up a wide range of possibilities on certain occasions.