Inexpensive NFC Sound Bars: Best Models under $350

Inexpensive NFC Sound Bars

One of the gadgets that cannot be missing in your living room is a good sound bar . We are talking about an essential element to improve the acoustic landscape of your television, in addition to being able to enjoy the songs and playlists that you have on your mobile phone.

Say that within the soundbar market you can find models of all kinds. Are you looking for a soundbar that pairs with your phone in the easiest way? Then do not miss this compilation where we have selected 10 models with NFC so that you can synchronize it with your smartphone in a very comfortable way.

Reasons to bet on a Soundbar

barra de sonido nfc

As we have indicated previously, a sound bar is a very important element to improve the acoustic landscape of your Smart TV. And it is that today, the great Achilles heel of this type of device is its more than limited sound. It must be borne in mind, of course, that the fault lies not with the manufacturers, but with the direction that the current market has taken, where users demand increasingly thinner smart TVs. And that design that they have stylized to be the center of all eyes has a price.

More than anything because there is literally no space to house speakers in conditions that match the image quality on any television. It is true that there are models that integrate a sound bar in their structure, but it is not a very common concept, since most televisions do not have this element. So the best thing you can do is buy a soundbar that fixes this problem.

Advantages of NFC

Barra de sonido Redmi TV SoundBar colgada en la pared

On the other hand, within the connectivity options there are different types to take into account. We have made a selection of sound bars with NFC , since it is a system that will allow you to link your mobile phone to the device very easily.

All you have to do is activate the NFC on your smartphone and pass it over the bar to link them. In this way, in a few seconds you can be listening to your favorite songs in a really simple way.

In addition, we have made a selection with the cheapest models that you can find with NFC. We have set a maximum budget of 350 euros so that you can find NFC that best suits your needs. Keep in mind that the models we have selected have very different prices, so even if you have a small budget, you will find the NFC bar that best suits your needs. Without further ado, let’s see the different options to consider if you want to improve the sound of your Smart TV or simply enjoy your Spotify lists available on your mobile phone.

Sony HT-MT500

Barra de sonido NFC Sony HT-MT500

We already anticipate that the Japanese manufacturer is one of the great exponents when buying a sound bar that integrates NFC, so you will see several Sony models within this compilation. In this case, we want to recommend the Sony HT-MT500 , an impressive bar that boasts S-Force Pro Front surround technology to offer immersive sound that will leave you open-mouthed.

Sony HTRT3

Sony HTRT3

Be careful with this second Sony sound bar, as it comes with everything you need to build a sound system with which to show off a true home theater. For this we are facing a set with 5.1 sound thanks to its satellite speakers with which to create an acoustic landscape that will make you the envy of your friends.

Samsung HW-T430

Barra de sonido NFC Samsung HW-T430

The truth is that the Korean manufacturer also has a catalog of sound bars that will meet the expectations of the most demanding users. And this Samsung HW-T430 is a bargain. Their weapons? A powerful subwoofer that delivers deep , clear bass plus 160W of power to bring music to every corner of your living room.

Sony HT-MT300

Uso de la barra de sonido Sony HT-MT300 en el salón

The latest soundbar from the Asian manufacturer that we are going to recommend you is its acclaimed Sony HT-MT300. A very compact model that you can place on the TV cabinet or hung on the wall without major problems. Be careful, despite its moderate size, it offers a sound that will surprise you with its great quality.

Panasonic SC-HTB250

Panasonic SC-HTB250

Another perfect NFC soundbar if you have little space in your house is this model from Panasonic. The Japanese manufacturer has made a niche for itself in the bar sector by presenting products that exude quality from each of its pores. And your Panasonic SC-HTB250 offers a restrained design, as well as offering sound that is beyond question. Don’t let her escape!


Barra de sonido NFC SAMSUNG HW-T400/ZF

We return to Samsung to recommend one of their most compact soundbars. The HW-T400 / HZ is a product with very restrained dimensions (64.1 x 6.5 x 10.7 cm) as well as a game mode that will delight the most gamer users.

Overtop S6

Overtop S6

We put the top brands aside to recommend NFC sound bars at knockdown prices. In this case we have a model from the Overtop firm that boasts a retro look that will delight fans of this aesthetic. In addition, it has controls so you can adjust the volume manually.

LXLTLB Soundbar

LXLTLB Soundbar

Beneath an impossible-to-pronounce name hides one of the most versatile sound bars you’ll find. Not only can you connect a USB memory, but you can also use it wirelessly, as it hides an internal battery.


Barra de sonido NFC LXLTLB

And what about this model whose design will make it the center of all eyes. A product with tempered glass finishes to show off on your television cabinet. Add in its four 5-watt speakers and you have a perfect product for the room.


Barra de sonido NFC SQQSLZY 

We close this compilation with the best sound bars with NFC that you can buy at a good price with this other model. A bar that boasts a front LED panel so you can see the time, know the temperature and much more.