How to Increase the Battery Life of Realme X2

The Realme X2 has managed to establish itself as one of the most interesting mid-range options by having a processor like the Snapdragon 730 and a complete team that makes it one of the most balanced options. Despite this, its battery is not going through the best moment and to improve its duration we show you some tricks that will help you extend it.

This smartphone has a large 4,000 mAh battery that should be able to withstand a day of use to a greater or lesser extent. These problems are very common in both brands and Realme that have just arrived in our country, as others that are more settled and have several models behind them.


Why does the battery run out so fast?

The problems with the battery life of the Realme X2 can be caused by several aspects, one of them its large 6.4-inch AMOLED screen that offers us a FullHD + resolution and could consume too much battery. Although it is most likely to come due to a bad terminal configuration and the options of the Color OS 7 customization layer that will soon update to Realme UI.

Before starting with the possible solutions, we must know that we will not be able to solve the problems with just one of them, rather it is a set, that if we combine and test it we can see how our battery improves gradually until that we manage to take it to its best performance and at least end the day without leaving us at 0%.

Calibrate the Realme X2 battery

In some cases the problem of the battery may be due to a bad calibration of the battery, something that is caused because we sometimes let the phone turn off, a practice not recommended. The way to take care of our battery is never letting it drop by 20% , preventing us from suffering this error.

realme x2

In order to calibrate the battery of the Realme X2, what we have to do is to use it until the cell phone turns off and then leave it at least half an hour off and without forcing it to start. When this time has elapsed, we connect it with the original charger to the current and let it be charged up to 100%, then we leave it another hour connected to the current without turning it on or using it and once this time has elapsed we use it again normally.

Remove unnecessary applications

One of the serious errors of the users is the one to fill the device of applications that minimally consume battery although we are conscious of it. To check the consumption of our battery and know what applications are running low , we will have to go to Settings> Battery> Power use.

From this section we can know which are the apps that spend the most, checking how even some apps that we have not used have consumed a certain percentage. We must also bear in mind that some sections such as Google services or GPS when using Google Maps consume a higher battery level, something that we cannot avoid but optimize.

Intelligent battery protection and GPS settings

In certain situations we can make use of battery saving, allowing us to extend its use further, although we must take into account that the realme customization layer integrates an intelligent mode that will allow us to enjoy the battery for a longer time just by activating its function. This can be done by entering Settings> Battery and activating the Smart Power Consumption Protection option here.

Ahorro de batería realme

In turn, if we consider it necessary, we can activate the energy saving mode from this section or use the option Settings> Connections> GPS and moving from high precision to battery saving . The same will be activated when configuring the energy saving of the device, allowing us to skip this step.

Take advantage of charging times

Last but not least, we must remember that we have a smartphone that offers one of the most amazing fast charges and therefore carry with us the original charger is a point in favor. We will have to know how to take advantage of the times so that its 30W fast charge called Super VOOC that allows us to have autonomy to end the day.

Super VOOC realme

When connecting to the power we will only need half an hour so that we have up to 50% extra something surprising. If we manage the times well, we can charge the smartphone at night while you sleep and at lunchtime to give it that extra energy we need.