Improving privacy in Firefox is now more accessible and easier

One of the most important factors when browsing the Internet is privacy. There are many situations in which our personal data can be compromised and a clear example is when using the browser and opening a web page. In this article we echo the latest Mozilla Firefox novelty with which they hope to further facilitate the possibility for users to improve privacy.

More accessible cookie protection in Firefox

Improving privacy in Firefox is now more accessible and easier

Mozilla’s browser has different functions to achieve greater privacy on the Internet. One of them is the protection against cookies. Specifically it is called Total Cookie Protection . What it does is separate the cookies in the browser so that only the specific website, the one that sent those cookies, has access to them and not any other page that we visit.

This will limit tracing between web pages. It will offer greater privacy when browsing the Internet. It is basically a kind of protection around cookies that prevents others from seeing the content. It is as if they are inside separate containers.

Keep in mind that cookies can be very useful. For example, if you are going to buy something on a web page, they will show the products that you have selected in the basket even if you close the browser tab and then reopen it. Therefore, it allows this to be possible but without these cookies being accessible to other pages.

At the moment it is a test function, but it is already accessible to more users. You simply have to configure it in the browser and we will be able to protect privacy when surfing the net and not have problems that compromise personal data.

How to configure it in the Mozilla browser

To configure it we have to go to about.config , in the address bar of the browser. Once inside you have to go to the route. By default it will be marked as False, so you have to change it to True. From that moment you will already have configured the Total Cookie Protection function in Firefox.

Configurar la privacidad en Firefox

It is important that you have the browser updated to the latest version. Only then will you be able to access functions like this, since if you have an outdated version you could be limited and have problems configuring some features.

Therefore, as you have seen, it is very easy to enable this function and it is already available to all users. Now, what is the difference between this feature and blocking all cookies in the browser? The difference is that websites will still collect cookies, but they will only be available for that page. This will allow you to continue browsing normally and you will not be limited to, for example, making a purchase and seeing that the products you have marked disappear.

In short, with this option you have one more possibility to improve privacy in Firefox. You can take into account settings to navigate safely with Mozilla, but it is especially important that you avoid making mistakes. You should always be prepared to not have problems of any kind.