Improvements in the iPhone with 5G: New Modem and mmWave Connectivity

The 5G connectivity in iPhone arrived late with respect to other companies but in the end it was a reality. The truth is that its arrival was somewhat decaffeinated with some important limitations to take into account. That is why the improvements that will be available in the future in this type of connectivity are already expected. In this article we tell you everything about the future 5G on the iPhone based on the main reports.

Expansion of coverage at maximum speed

In the same presentation in which 5G could finally be seen on an iPhone, the 5G mmWave connectivity was also announced with great fanfare, which allows for much more efficient download and upload speeds. The only problem it presented is that it is limited only to the United States , depriving other users of all these advantages. This is because this connectivity requires different agreements with the teleoperators to establish the necessary infrastructure.

Improvements in the iPhone with 5G

According to the latest rumors that have been known, Apple would already be working in the rest of the countries to be able to establish the 5G mmWave. In this way, the experience would not be limited to those users who have an iPhone with this type of modem.


Apple works on its 5G modem

Today Apple is working closely with Qualcomm to gain access to its modems. This is a basic component to be able to have access to 5G connectivity in the iPhone or in other devices. As with the Intel chips, the company’s goal is to finally have independence in this type of component as well. This will be achieved by being able to design their own modems, the result of the acquisition they made of the corresponding division of Intel.

With the recent commitment that the European Union has made to be one of the largest chip producers in the world, Apple is going to want to join this movement. That is why recent information suggests that the new modems designed entirely by the company will be manufactured in European territory. It will be held at the European Center for Chip Design in Munich, which will be endowed with an investment of 1,000 million euros by Apple. This building will have all the employees and engineers needed to perform all of these design and manufacturing tasks. It will stand out above all for running 100% with renewable energy, something that is quite common in the company with its latest environmental policies.

But although this center begins to operate in 2021, the first 5G modems designed by Apple will not arrive until the iPhone models of 2023. According to the information that Mark Gurman or Mark Sullivan has had, the company began to develop these modems in the year 2020. These could include important technologies like the 5G sub-6GHz and mmWave bands. To this will also be added a decrease in energy consumption in order to improve the user experience at the end.