How to Improve Gaming Performance on Xiaomi Phones

Mobiles have become a whole game console where we can enjoy a wide range of options. To improve performance in games on Xiaomi we find the well-known Game Turbo, an option with which we will be able to boost the performance of the processor and the rest of the components of our device.

This function is present in all models regardless of whether we have a high-end, mid-range or lower-end terminal. It is available for MIUI 10 and of course it is one of the MIUI 11 tricks that offers us so many advantages. But it is not only about improving performance, it also eliminates distractions and will allow us to focus on the game, forgetting that we are really using a mobile.

improve gaming xiaomi

Activate Game Turbo on Xiaomi

The function for better performance is within the complete Xiaomi security application . Within the security app that we find in the tools folder we have to find the access to the ” Speed Accelerator ” from where we have the possibility of adding new games or some if they do not appear automatically yet.

mejorar rendimiento juegos xiaomi

As you can see in the images, the process is very simple, we just have to tap on the add game button and we can choose from all the applications that we have installed. As a curiosity we can also use it to improve the performance of other apps, for example, the photo or video editor where we will notice a big difference in the results.

Configuration options to improve games

Within the Xiaomi game accelerator we have a series of options to configure its operation to our liking. At the bottom we find the configuration button, where if we touch we will come across several options that we are going to know.

The first of the options is to activate or deactivate the Game Turbo function, which we recommend keeping always activated together with the shortcuts in the game, since they will only be activated when we use one of the applications chosen previously. We can also create a shortcut to this mode on the home screen, but the most interesting options come below.

mejorar juegos xiaomi

Optimize WiFi and all your mobile

One of the options that appear is called “High performance mode” where if we press we find the option to optimize WiFi and increase the tactile response of our phone, depending on the screen of each model.

We also find the option to improve performance by eliminating all content other than the game from multitasking and thus focusing all your attention on this, in case you want to keep an app, we can do it from memory exceptions.

Don’t let them bother you

To improve the games in Xiaomi we must take into account other functions that we miss when we are in a game, where a call or other problems can be very frustrating, for this reason we have the option to answer calls hands-free while we are playing . From a little below we can also restrict the buttons and gestures to accidentally leave the game.

The improved experience offers us four more options so that our game times will be even better and without the screen playing a bad game:

  • Turn off automatic brightness: Very useful to prevent the sensor from continuously changing the brightness of the screen.
  • Deactivate reading mode: We will thus make the screen lose that reddish tone that we usually have activated at night.
  • Restrict screen capture gestures: Designed not to accidentally capture screenshots during games.
  • Do not open the notification bar: With the movements of our fingers we can accidentally touch the notification bar and screw up the game.