iMovie tricks to make your videos look amazing

iMovie is the free video editor that Apple offers on all its devices, be it computers, mobiles or tablets. And it is that this little video editor can make your videos with a lot of quality, looking almost professional. If you want to know how to do it, in this post we bring you some tricks.

If you are someone who edits videos and you are a perfectionist, you probably use or have used iMovie at some point. This application is available for Mac, iPhone and iPad, but it has more options on computers than on other devices. And it is that thanks to this application you will be able to obtain very good results in terms of editing, with effects that seem professional.

iMovie tricks to make your videos look amazing

The best tricks to edit with iMovie

  • Duplicate titles: It often takes a long time to create titles for each of the clips when developing a movie, but this is no longer a concern because iMovie can duplicate titles and save you a lot of time. It’s as simple as highlighting the clip that has the original title, clicking the “Clip” button in the menu, and selecting “Duplicate Last Title.” If there are any changes to make to the duplicate titles, you will be able to edit them.
  • Work with split screen: This allows users to view two videos on one screen side by side while you are editing them. Activate this option by selecting the two videos you want to watch and then drag one over the other. There are several playback options from which you should choose “side by side” to make sure all clips play simultaneously.

iMovie Mac

  • Stabilize videos: You won’t have to deal with shaky videos anymore, since iMovie has the ability to fix that problem. You may not have known this, but you can do it through iMovie’s Inspector menu.
  • Add Audio Effects: In addition to having visual effects added to your video, iMovie now makes it easy to add audio effects to your movie. There are various audio effects to choose from which are necessary to make the movie a true masterpiece.
  • Use green or blue screen: Some versions of iMovie have green screens and others have blue screens that are used to overlay separately recorded videos. Regardless of which background you have from the two options, it’s a great trick to help enhance your movies when using iMovie.


  • Use the trackpad’s multi-touch gestures: If you’re using a MacBook or desktop Mac with Apple’s MagicPad, you can make use of the multi-touch properties to make your editing workflow a breeze. To add a clip to your project, go to the event browser and use the three-finger gesture on the trackpad. Hover over the media file and lift your fingers open to zoom in and lift them closed to collapse the view of the media file. Select the clip within your timeline and use the movement of the three fingers to move them to the right or left.