IKEA turns any surface into a wireless charging base

Ikea has created a wireless charging base that could be the ideal option for many, the product they were looking for to be able to charge their devices without the need for a cable. It’s called Sjömärke and it’s a base that adds wireless charging to any table in an almost transparent way. That is, it will not have to be in sight.

Convert any surface into a wireless charging base

IKEA turns any surface into a wireless charging base

Wireless chargers have become a common accessory for many users today. And it is that the number of devices that offer support for this technology (Qi wireless charging) has been increasing progressively.

No longer do mobile phones offer this type of charge that does not require the use of any cable, just drop it on a surface, many other devices are also integrating this option. Thus, for example, we see True Wireless type headphones with cases compatible with the Qi wireless charging standard, game controllers, smart watches, etc.

Along with the different types of devices compatible with wireless charging, we also have that charging mats or bases have evolved. Currently there are models that have improved the protocol itself and allow a much faster charge than usual, while there are other wireless charging bases to charge several devices at the same time.

Even so, what most of these bases did need was to be in direct contact with the device, because when the distance between it and the charging area increased too much, the possibility of charging was lost. But that changes now with Ikea’s new wireless charging base .

Sjömärke is the name of a new wireless charging solution launched by Ikea that has the particularity and main attraction of not needing to be in sight. That is, unlike many other charging bases, here you do not have to place it on top of a piece of furniture, shelf or table and then drop the device on it to charge. Here it can be below the surface.

That’s the main attraction of Ikea’s new wireless charging base, which will discreetly and eye-catchingly turn any plastic or wooden surface into a wireless charging base. All you have to do is fix the base at the bottom with double-sided tape or screws.

Sjömärke, Ikea’s new wireless charging base

With a price of 39.99 euros , the new Ikea wireless charging base is placed under a surface that can be both wood and plastic. The only requirement is that the thickness of it must have a minimum and maximum thickness to be effective. These are the main features:

  • Qi standard compliant wireless charger (1.2.4BPP specification)
  • Includes temperature and power control system for safe charging
  • Minimum distance 8mm and maximum 22mm
  • LED indicator light (during charging is on, flashes if there is an error and pays when it is complete)

The temperature and power control system is essential for your own safety. Even so, the product instructions already warn that the temperature rise of both the charging area and the device can increase during the process. Also that the loading time may vary depending on the material and distance between the base and the product.

Therefore, if you want to turn some type of furniture or table into a wireless charging point without breaking the aesthetics with cables or a piece of plastic, this is the ideal solution that on some occasions the most skilled users have cloned in DIY themes. .