IKEA Frame Speaker: How the New Symfonisk by Sonos Works

IKEA and Sonos are once again walking hand in hand through the design and sound park. Both companies have just announced the new Symfonisk , a kind of frame or fabric mural with an integrated speaker that will allow you to decorate the wall and play your favorite music in a completely discreet way.

A new Sonos speaker for IKEA

IKEA Frame Speaker
The product arrives to continue expanding the Symfonisk range that we can find in the IKEA catalog. If at first we had the lamp with an integrated speaker and the shelf, now the product that comes to us is a frame that can be hung on any wall and viewed as if it were a work of art, with the peculiarity of playing music thanks to its connectivity wireless.

The product comes with an unmistakable IKEA design, where materials and finishes seek functionality and practicality in every corner, with the peculiarity of having a design that integrates perfectly with other elements you have at home.

And it is that its fabric front is interchangeable, being able to use many of the designs that are sold separately for a price of 16 euros each cover . We’ll see if this leads to the proliferation of homemade designs that end up filling Etsy stores, although it seems that the piece that fits the body will be necessary to bring homemade creations to life. Be that as it may, IKEA will offer 11 different designs, and you can buy the black or white model as a base, in the same way as with the rest of the previous models.

How much does it cost and when can it be purchased?

Ikea Sonos Symfonisk frame

IKEA has announced that this Symfonisk frame will arrive in its stores on July 15 with a price of 199 euros , also offering the interchangeable covers at a price of 16 euros (at the moment there are a total of 11 different designs in addition to the white finish and black that are included with the product). It is a very attractive price if we take into account that the device has Sonos technology, being able to control it through the official Sonos S2 application and being able to pair it with other brand systems if we don’t need it.

We find this proposal quite interesting and original, however, those cable maniacs will have a tough challenge ahead, since the nature of this device will invite us to hang it on the wall and will force us to leave the cable hanging in search of a plug. near. Since everything is perfectly (like a Samsung The Frame), it would be necessary to do some kind of channeling for the cable to hide it, but the idea is to opt for a Sonos speaker at a good price, and not do a work that cost more than the product. Truth?