If you were asked about Dead Space 2 and 3, what would you answer?

Just a month ago, the remastering of the classic Dead Space arrived in stores. A great game that took on new life and enjoyed an extraordinary reception from users and, at the same time, from the media, who came to praise what Electronic Arts had achieved. So now it’s time to answer a simple question: would you buy new remasters of the franchise?

Any problem with the remasters?

Dead Space 2 and 3

The fact is that remastering and remakes have become a genre in itself that year after year is fed with new franchises that take the step of returning to the future made up. It is a phenomenon that we can find in music, where every so often the great artists and groups revisit their old songs, or the cinema, which very occasionally resorts to something similar. However, in video games, technological change is so great from one generation to another that it has become practically a necessity.

We recently have two such quick names that we can pull off, such as The Last of Us Part I , which came to PS5 late last year after a first PS4-exclusive review in the summer of 2014, or Metroid Prime , which surprisingly put up for sale (digitally) for Nintendo Switch, revamping its graphic section and adapting its controls from 20 years ago to the modes of these times.

So after the success of Dead Space Electronic Arts has decided to take the temperature of the market with a survey and check how receptive we gamers are to get hold of a potential Dead Space 2 and, later, the third in the franchise. What would you answer?

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Dillon Rogers
Pfft. The survey EA is sending out. On the wall – the writing. https://t.co/o2f1OPC1zM
February 25, 2023 • 01:00



Raise your hand if you want a remaster

Of course, Electronic Arts will not be the first to try their luck with well-crafted remasters with the aim of reviving old classics. Capcom, with its Resident Evil, it goes without saying how much good it has brought us in recent times, with new versions spaced out enough so that it doesn’t seem like they’re taking advantage of the trend. On the contrary, practically everyone is seeing this job as a role model for other companies that have a long back catalog to bring back to life.

Electronic Arts, with this survey, it seems that it does not trust too much of the good results that it has obtained selling the remastering of Dead Space and wants us to give it signed in advance, that we want to buy both Dead Space 2 and Dead Space 3 . Something that, if you want us to tell you the truth, doesn’t smell too good to us. The fear of hitting it is perceived and it gives the impression that they do not have it all with them.

We, without a doubt, would vote in favor of a remake of the next two games. We would say that we are “extremely interested” and then wait for news. But not the same you. Would you want these two games to arrive? Do you think that the first one is enough? Come on, tell us what you would answer to the Electronic Arts survey…