If you don't want your data stolen, never do this on the Internet

One of the most important problems we have to face on the Internet is data theft and its sale on the Internet . Hackers can use different techniques to steal information and sell it on Internet forums. After all, personal data can have great value. In this article we are going to show you what you should never do to avoid being a victim of this problem.

Errors that you should avoid so that your data is not stolen

never do this on the Internet

The data that they can steal is very varied, such as bank card information, telephone number, e-mail address, social network accounts… Sometimes they manage to steal passwords and control accounts, while on other occasions only They sell personal data such as telephone number, email address, physical address, etc.

Be careful where you log in

Something important that you should avoid is logging in through any page or program. This may be why hackers manage to steal personal data and control accounts. They can send false links through email or social networks, for example, with the aim of getting you to enter your account.

What you should do is always log in through reliable pages. This is the official website of that social network or any service you use, as well as its official application.

Do not install unsafe programs

Another method they can use to steal personal data and sell it on the Internet is through dangerous software . Sometimes it may seem interesting to install a program that has advantages over the official version, but that can be a significant security risk and be the gateway for threats.

Always install official applications. For this you can go to the official website to download the software as well as use legitimate app stores like Google Play. Only in this way will you be able to have programs that have not been maliciously modified.

Comprar online con seguridad

Avoid leaving public data

This error is common and hackers don’t have to do much. It basically consists of leaving our data publicly on the network. For example, put the email address or phone number in open forums, comments on articles, on social network profiles without hiding…

This will allow an attacker to obtain this information without much difficulty. You can collect the data and put it up for sale on the net. Therefore, never post information of this type on the Internet. Avoid leaving traces that can be accessible to anyone.

Do not leave equipment unprotected

One more failure is not having good protection on the devices. It does not matter if you use a computer or a mobile to navigate, they must always be properly protected and thus avoid problems. Otherwise, viruses could sneak into you and carry out attacks of all kinds that will seriously affect your privacy.

It is a very good idea to always have an antivirus. Choosing the best security programs is going to be essential to avoid having problems. In addition, they must be correctly updated just like the system itself.

In short, you must avoid making mistakes so that your data is not sold on the Internet. Be careful where you log in, what you install and always keep the system protected so as not to have problems.