If you don't like GitHub for sharing your code, try these options

If you don't like GitHub for sharing your code, try these options

The number of users who choose to enter the interesting field of application programming is increasing. One of the main reasons for all this is the enormous number of learning sources and help platforms that we can find. GitHub is a clear example of all this, but we find other very interesting development alternatives.

In this case, we find what could perhaps be considered the best-known web portal for any application developer to host their code. In addition, you can share it with the rest of the community and thus be of help, and receive it. Both new users who are just starting out in this type of programming work, as well as the most experienced ones, use this type of platform such as GitHub or similar.

Despite the enormous success that this website has accumulated over the last few years, it is interesting to know that we have other very interesting similar proposals within reach.

SourceForge github


First of all, we will talk about an interesting application that presents us with a multitude of very interesting functions for developers. In fact, it offers us some useful tools that improve its integration capabilities and automate code analysis and delivery . All this in order to facilitate developer projects as much as possible. At the same time we find a code viewer included as well as our own system to solve conflicts in the developments.

Cloud Source Repositories

This other alternative to GitHub comes to us from the search giant that most of you probably already know. This is an online service that is very helpful for managing Google Cloud Platform . All this allows us to link repositories via GitHub or Bitbucket depending on the type of work with the platforms previously used by developers.

Likewise, here we will have the possibility of using Google’s own repositories , which can make it much easier for us to create our own projects. There are many tool functions that we can use in this case. One of the most valued by users of the platform is that they can search for code snippets directly from their favorite web browser.


In this case, we find a very useful alternative to GitHub to host your own code and share it with others. The platform as such allows us to create our own private repositories where we are going to store our content of this type. In addition, it is worth knowing that we can carry out this type of task at no cost and we even have the possibility of importing projects and developments from the aforementioned GitHub.

This is an alternative that can be extremely useful, especially for companies, and we will be able to use the platform free of charge for up to a maximum of five users.


This is a popular platform focused on open source software that is sure to be more than familiar to most of you. Despite the bad streak that has happened in recent years, its owners have managed to redirect it to try to place it among the most important in the sector. In fact, at this time we could say that many important Open Source projects rely on SourceForce, so little by little the trust of developers is regained.