If you buy this Switch from the new Zelda you are saving… and you know it

In practically a month we will have in our hands the new The Legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom , the second installment of Link’s adventures on Nintendo Switch and it seems that it will beat all the sales figures of its predecessor. There is a lot of expectation, so much that it would be impossible to speculate with the degree of intensity of the fever that is going to be unleashed.

If you buy this Switch from the new Zelda

A console to celebrate

Taking advantage of the latest gameplay video published by the Japanese, and as well as the one who does not want the thing, from Nintendo they took the opportunity to announce the launch of a special Switch , which will carry graphic motifs from this The Legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom and that will make the delights of the most fans. Dock with the official shield/logo of the cartridge, gray and gold tones and two matching Joy-Con that will make life much more beautiful.

The OLED console itself will also have motifs inspired by the game printed on the back, so almost immediately this version of Nintendo Switch has become a must have for many. Especially collectors, who know what the progression of valuation of a product like this is over the years. Spending the almost 360 euros that it costs in 2023 is practically making sure you earn money over the course of five, ten or more years.

This is what Nintendo products like this have, that when they are no longer available –because they are editions with a limited number, not a small one, of units– they end up being inaccessible to those who want to get one several years later. of its release.

Nintendo Switch Zelda Tears of the Kingdom.

An investment practically guaranteed

We all know what happened with PS5 at its launch, when speculation raged with a console that was almost impossible to get. In this case, it is not about that, but about being aware that every euro that we are investing in this edition of The Legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom of Nintendo Switch will return to us multiplied by two, three or more when five or more years have passed. .

It has already happened, with Nintendo 3DS editions of Zelda –in various sizes–, GameCube with that silver Wind Waker console or that Wii U also stamped on its screen controller with the typical motifs of the Japanese franchise. In all these –and more– cases, those who had the good sense to buy one and keep it practically unopened, more than recovered what they spent. What is still a form of saving as valid as any other, although with risks.

Of course, nothing happens if you buy it and use it, but taking care of it to the extreme, avoiding damage and, above all, keeping the box, the manuals and even the plastics to leave it as it came from the factory when you decide to buy it. sell it. Even so, at that moment it will no longer be the same and the valuation could be below what the versions that have not even been removed from the original packaging will be quoted.

So you already know. Do you want to save and have a peak in a few years? Get this Nintendo Switch inspired by The Legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom !