If you are a Linux user, do not miss the news of Fedora 35

news of Fedora 35

Fedora is one of the best known Linux distributions. This distro is developed by the community and has the support of the Red Hat company, which guarantees us excellent support and that we will always be up to date in terms of updates and patches. Although its default desktop is GNOME, we can find flavors with other preconfigured desktops thanks to its Spins. Like any other system, this distro is constantly evolving, adding new functions and features. And, as part of this evolution, today we can know what the new Fedora 35 will be like .

The community has been working for a long time on what will be the new version of this Linux distribution and that it will arrive on our computers very soon. And, although it will not be a revolutionary update, we are going to find several improvements and news that we will see in detail below.

Fedora 34

What’s New in Fedora 35

One of the main novelties that we must highlight in this version is that it will come with the new GNOME 41 desktop installed by default. We have already seen the revolution that this desktop represents before, being a mix between Windows 11 and macOS, and taking the appearance of Linux desktops to a new level. Among other new features, what the new GNOME 41 will bring to Fedora 35 is:

  • It will have the libadwaita libraries, which will allow us to have interesting effects in the interface and to easily port the GTK4 extensions.
  • The GNOME default programs have been completely revamped.
  • Quick access to system power profiles.
  • New multitasking panel.
  • Many improvements and fixes, both in quality and stability, since GNOME 40.

This new version of Linux will also include by default PHP 8.0 , the PipeWire session manager, and completely eliminates the dependencies of Python 3.5, which have not been supported for a year. Many of the packages installed by default (such as Python, gcc, Perl, Node.js, and RPM) have also been updated to their latest versions.

Finally, the various Fedora Spins will include the latest versions of the desktops, such as:

  • GNOME 41
  • KDE Plasma 5.23
  • Xfce 4.16
  • LXQT 0.17
  • MATTE 1.24

The Linux kernel will also be updated to its latest version to be able to enjoy all the improvements and news that have been included since the arrival of Fedora 34 to date.

How to download this Linux

At the moment, development of the new Fedora 35 is reaching its final stages, but is not yet complete. IF everything goes well, this new version will reach all users on October 19, 2021 , although next week we should be able to receive the first beta to have a first contact with it.

If we do not want to wait for the final beta launch, we can download the development ISO of this distribution from the following link , which will allow us to have a first contact with the news of Fedora 35 and its GNOME 41 desktop. Also we can find the ISO images of the different Spins, and even of other editions such as Kinoite, Silverblue, Cloud or Container.