How to Know if a Windows 10 Device is Compatible with Wi-Fi Direct

Wireless networks are very important today. Most connections come through Wi-Fi. The wired connections have gone to the background due mainly to the rise of mobile devices and the improvement of Wi-Fi networks. However, we must bear in mind that these types of connections do not allow us to simply surf the Internet. We can also use Wi-Fi technology to transfer files, for example. In this article we will talk about Wi-Fi Direct . We will explain how to know if our equipment is compatible and we can use it.


What is Wi-Fi Direct?

First, let’s start explaining what Wi-Fi Direct is . This is the technology that allows us to create a Wi-Fi connection from one computer to another without the need for a router. It has no internet connection, as we mentioned. What it allows is to transfer files between these devices.

We can say that it is a technology very similar to Bluetooth. It is present in many mobile devices and also on desktops. There are more and more devices that are compatible with this technology. It is not something new, since it has been with us for a long time.

In short, we can say that Wi-Fi Direct is used to connect devices to each other and transfer files and information. Nowadays, it is normal for Windows 10 computers to be compatible with this technology and that we only need other devices to connect them. However, not all of them are compatible and therefore we will explain how we can find out if our Windows 10 computer is compatible with Wi-Fi Direct.

How to know if a device supports Wi-Fi Direct

Windows 10 is currently the most widely used operating system on desktop computers. It offers a wide range of possibilities and has very varied software. Sometimes it is interesting to know if it is compatible with a certain technology or software. In this case we will see how to know if a Windows 10 computer is compatible with Wi-Fi Direct.

The process to find out if our Windows 10 computer is compatible or not with Wi-Fi Direct is very simple. The operating system itself offers us this information through the Command Prompt. We simply have to enter a command and then look for the necessary data.

Therefore, the first step we are going to take is to enter the Command Prompt . Go to Start, write Command Prompt and run it in administrator mode. We have to type the ipconfig / all command and execute it. There it will show us a large amount of data and information related to our connection and the available hardware.

What interests us in this case is to search for Microsoft Wi-Fi Direct Adapter. In case we find this phrase among all the data it shows us, that means that our Windows 10 computer is compatible with Wi-Fi Direct.

Saber si Windows es compatible con Wi-Fi Direct

As we can see, it is a very simple and fast process that we must carry out to know if our Windows 10 device is compatible with Wi-Fi Direct technology. It is a matter of seconds we can know if that is the case.

More and more devices support this technology

It should be mentioned that we have more and more devices that support Wi-Fi technology. We have a wide range of possibilities in what we know as IoT devices or Internet of Things. They are all those computers connected to the network in our homes. If we talk about computers with Wi-Fi Direct the figure has also grown in recent times.

It is a technology that allows us to send data quickly between devices. We do not need them to be in the same room, much less physically connected through a cable. Beyond computers or mobiles we can also find it in printers, cameras or scanners. There is a lot of equipment where we can use this technology.