IcoFX Review: Have Fun and Create Your Own Icons and Cursors

There are many users who like to be able to personalize our computer as much as possible, both outside and inside. Within the operating system we have a graphic element that we can create and edit, such as icons, which can also be used by a business to provide greater customization to our projects. To help us with this task, there are programs like IcoFX that will allow us to easily create and edit both icons and cursors.

Customize your own original icons with IcoFX


IcoFX is professional software with which we can create and edit all kinds of static and animated icons and cursors with multiple resolutions, as well as convert static images to icons or cursors. We can design and create our icons from scratch with a color depth of up to 24 bits and zoom up to 10,000% to increase precision. It is also possible to import an image or a screenshot to make it an icon.

This tool allows you to create icons for both Windows and Mac and convert them between them. These icons can achieve a resolution of up to 1024 × 1024 in PNG comprehension. It also has support for all kinds of static and animated cursors.

Supported image formats

With IcoFX we can easily convert our favorite images into icons or cursors, or icons into images. It also allows you to extract icons from other files, both Windows and Mac, being compatible with SVG, BMP, JPG, JPG2000, GIF and TIF image formats.

Take advantage of its comprehensive advanced editor

This program has a complete image editor with many useful tools with which to carry out any idea that we have in mind. To do this, we can have different brush sizes, hardness, shapes, as well as different ways to blend when painting. We will have at our disposal more than 40 effects and filters within our reach to be able to develop any type of icon that we can think of, obtaining attractive and professional results.

Start creating your own icon or cursor

When we start IcoFX we will see a main menu where we can choose by default what we want to do. You have the option to create a new image, a new Windows icon, a new Mac icon, new cursor, new image strip, Windows icon from image, Mac icon from image, cursor from image, mobile device icon from image, new icon library and new cursor library.

IcoFX menú principal

If we select the “Windows icon from image” option, it will ask us to choose an image from our computer to be able to edit it to our liking so that it can become a new icon. Now we can use tools typical of any editing program such as the magic wand, the blur, include color fill, thus add layers, organize them and change their opacity.

Editando icono con IcoFX

From the screen of the Settings folder we can edit the brightness, contrast and saturation, color balance, levels and curves, as well as add shadows, opacity and dissolution. We can also configure the size of the image, flip it and rotate it. In this way we can play with the colors of the image to achieve the desired hue.

IcoFX pantalla de ajustes

How can we get IcoFX

IcoFX is a professional program to make icons and paid cursors. It has three types of licenses and a 14-day free trial version that you can download from its website. The price plans if we want to buy IcoFX are as follows:

Home License : it is the cheapest option for domestic use. It is priced at $ 29.99 per user that we register. With it we can create and edit icons, import, export and extract images, incorporating a complete resource editor.

Business License : Priced at $ 49.99 per user. It has all the options of the Home version and it is added the possibility to perform batch processing, create and edit image strips from the toolbar, create icons for iPhone and Android and use any icon for commercial purposes.

Site License : it is the most complete of all and is also the one dedicated for companies. It has a cost of $ 499.99 and has all the benefits of the Business edition, but also allows it to be used by multiple users from the same location.

Precios de IcoFX

Alternatives to IcoFX

With IcoFX we can create all kinds of icons and cursors in a professional way, but it is not the only program with which we can do it. Here we show you some alternatives:


IconLover is a quite powerful application, with which we can easily search, extract, create and edit all kinds of icons and cursors. It also allows us to manage icon libraries and image lists. The icons created can contain a color depth of up to 32-bit. The program has a free trial version that you can download from its website . If we want to buy it, the application has a cost of 29 euros.


Iconion is an ideal tool for those who want to easily create and design their own icons without the need for advanced graphic design skills. It is compatible with formats, png, bmp, jpeg or ico and allows us to add styles, color, strokes, backgrounds etc. You can download a trial version of Iconion from its website. If you want to acquire the license, it has a cost of 76.82 euros.