I would only install these Windows antivirus if necessary

Nowadays, having an antivirus on Windows 11 is a must. And it is that, whether we like it or not, there are many threats that any computer has to face. For this reason, even though it includes Windows Defender as standard, in addition to the fact that it is among the best antivirus on the market, it is important to know which are the best alternatives to install an antivirus on a PC.

More than anything, because the functionalities of the program that comes by default in Windows may fall somewhat short. For this reason, we are going to see the latest list that AV-Test has published with the best antivirus for Windows 11 analyzed during this summer.

install these Windows antivirus if necessary

The 11 best antivirus for PC

It must be taken into account that the company has analyzed a total of 20 antiviruses for home users between July and August. In that investigation, they have had to analyze in detail the protection, performance and usability as they do in each analysis. And for each category, they get a maximum score of 6 points, giving a total of 18 points.

In addition, in order to verify the real protection capacity of antivirus against different current threats, they have had to test some 18,000 unique malware attacks , including common malware and zero-day vulnerabilities. Even almost a million websites and benign files that should not be detected by antiviruses were analyzed to see if you can detect false alarms. Finally, with these tests it has been verified that there are 7 antiviruses that meet the full rating (18 points):

  • AhnLab – V3 Internet Security.
  • AvastFree Antivirus and One Essential .
  • AVG – Internet Security.
  • Avira – Internet Security for Windows.
  • BitDefender – Internet Security.
  • G DATA – Total Security.
  • K7 Computing – Total Security.
  • Kaspersky ESInternet Security .
  • Malwarebytes – Premium.
  • NortonNorton 360 .

AV test mejores antivirus domésticos para PC 2022

Thus, there are as many as 9 PC antivirus programs that have failed to achieve AV Test’s full score this year. Among them, we find Total Protection from McAfee or SAFE from F-Secure. In addition, it is time to stop using Microsoft Defender, or at least for now, since it is one of the worst alternatives for 2022, since it has only achieved 16 points, being one of the worst among the 20 alternatives that have been analyzed AV Test for this year.

And the best ones for the company in 2022?

In the event that we are talking about software to be able to protect computers within business environments or offices, the ones chosen in this latest update of AV-Test are 7 antiviruses:

  • AhnLab – V3 Endpoint Security.
  • Avast Ultimate Business Security.
  • Bitdefender Endpoint Security.
  • G DATA Endpoint Protection Business.
  • new – Endpoint Security.
  • Kaspersky Small Office Security.
  • Trend Micro Apex One.

AV test mejores antivirus Windows 2022

And, for the part in which we would not recommend the installation of a specific antivirus, we find the rest of the options. Although, the alternatives with the worst score, falling below 17 points , are the following: Comfortable Client Security, VMware Carbon Black Cloud and Microsoft Defender Antivirus. So, from one year to the next, it’s clear that the standard Windows option has gotten worse.