I Can’t Make FaceTime Calls on iPhone: How to Fix it

Today, anyone in the Apple ecosystem usually uses FaceTime to make calls with other people who also have an iPhone. Although, this type of service can end up failing on some occasion when you go to make a call or when you are making one. In this article we show you the possible solutions to this problem.

Restart and update, the simplest but effective

When you encounter these problems that can seem so common when it comes to FaceTime calls, the most common solution is to perform a device reset. In this way, if there is some type of bug in the operating system that is affecting the service, it can be easily solved by stopping all the processes that are active and restarting them when restarting the iPhone. As we say, it is something quite simple but in most cases it can end up working.

Can't Make FaceTime Calls on iPhone

Apagar reiniciar iPhone

Another consideration to keep in mind when talking about bugs is software updates. At all times you must have the device updated to the latest version available from Apple. In this way, all the patches of functions that are needed will be applied to achieve the most optimized version possible to enjoy FaceTime calls at the highest quality.

Check your internet connection

Calls through FaceTime are not conventional, but go through the internet connection. That is why both the receiver and the sender must always have a connection that is as stable as possible. These connectivity problems can cause that while you are making the call, the video transmission may be cut or lost with the typical message ‘weak internet signal’. That is why it is recommended when you are at home to be close to the router to achieve the best possible performance. But when you are on the street you can always have poor coverage that also affects the quality of calls or the ability to simply make them. This is a primary requirement.

Confirm that you have FaceTime activated on iPhone

Either because of a bug or because you are a newbie having an iPhone in your hands, it is possible that the service is not activated between the device settings. That is why you always have to carry out the corresponding checks to know if it is activated or deactivated. You simply have to follow the following steps:

  • Enter the iPhone Settings.
  • Access the ‘FaceTime’ section.
  • Check that the option next to the word ‘FaceTime’ is activated.

activar facetime

The situation may occur that the word ‘Waiting for activation’ appears in this space, for which the solution marks the deactivation and re-activation of this option in order to resume the FaceTime service. Also in this same section you can check that the phone numbers as well as the email are marked and it is also the correct one.

It is possible that within the Settings you cannot find the ‘FaceTime’ section. This is because it can be totally disabled since limiting usage times. To check it, simply follow the route Settings> Times of use> Restrictions> Permitted apps. In this section of the settings you can clearly check if both the Camera and FaceTime are disabled. To be able to reverse it, you will simply have to activate them again.

Link your phone number to FaceTime

In order for all FaceTime calls to reach you, you must have all your contact channels well configured. These can be done through the initial configuration of your Apple ID where you must enter both an email and a phone number that will be the first means of communication. Once you are clear about these settings, you can simply follow Settings> FaceTime and check that you have all your communication channels activated, such as the phone number or email. The activated ones will appear with a tick on the left that you can mark or unmark.

Check that the service is working normally

As it is an online service and constantly connected to Apple’s servers, FaceTime may be disabled. This query can be made through the company’s own website. This is called service status and you can view all the services that Apple offers to its users including FaceTime, iCloud Drive, iCloud Mail or many more. Also, if the failure is not reported, you can report it to Apple so that it begins to investigate it.

Estado sistema facetime

Through a color legend you will be able to know the specific state. You simply have to look for the ‘FaceTime’ section in the list and see if a green circle appears next to it. If so, everything works correctly. If it appears in red or yellow, something may happen in the service. This can cause it to not work correctly and you cannot make any type of call. To obtain more information about the problem it is causing, you can make the query by clicking on the ‘FaceTime’ section. In this way, you can even see when you plan to solve the problem to make calls normally.