Buy the Huawei Watch GT2 Smartwatch at a Great Discount

Huawei-Watch-GT2If you had doubts about buying a smartwatch, there is an offer to get the Huawei Watch GT2 that will make them all disappear. It is possible to buy this wearable accessory for less than 200 euros and, therefore, save a good amount of money … which is always positive. We show the link so you don’t miss this opportunity.

One of the great virtues that it offers of the device we are talking about is that it offers great autonomy, which exceeds a full week in use (even more, if the smartwatch is not used constantly). This makes it one of the best in the market, surpassing models like Apple Watch without problems. Another of the good news that exists in the Huawei Watch GT2 is its 1.39-inch AMOLED screen that offers great quality and image.

Huawei Watch GT Sport

Regarding connectivity, Bluetooth is included to communicate with the smartphones with which it is synchronized (luckily, it is compatible with both iOS and Android ). Besides, it is important to comment that the quantity of integrated sensors is the widest, since it has a gyro; accelerometer; his own to detect the heart rate ; and even is able to use GPS . That makes it quite accurate when it comes to annealing the physical activity that is carried out and keeping a complete control of the quality of sleep.

Buy the Huawei Watch GT2 smartwatch on offer

Luckily, the two models that exist of this smart watch are on offer, they are the variant before Sport and Classic . In both cases the discount obtained in PcCompoentes is 16% , so you have to pay 40 euros less to get the device. These are the links to be made with each of them:

An interesting detail is that the Huawei Watch GT2 offers water resistance, so there is no problem with the rain. But, in addition, it is resistant to immersions of up to five atmospheres , so it is even possible to use it when swimming without any problem. Aesthetically, it must be said that this model is striking and allows the change of straps in a really simple way.

Música en el Huawei Watch GT 2

A couple of important details to know

The first is that the operating system that is included inside the Huawei Watch GT2 does not allow applications to be downloaded , such as with Wear OS. This subtracts some functionality, but it is no less true that they are available that are usually needed with a smartwatch (such as sports detection or being able to listen to music). The second positive detail is that this device integrates the Kirin A1 chip that optimizes consumption and offers more than enough power for the software to run smoothly.