Huawei: More News from EMUI 11 Based on Android 11

Huawei continues to work to shape all the news in EMUI 11. Huawei’s next layer of customization may be a turning point for the Chinese company, whose short-term future will continue to depend on Google, although the goal is not to do so. Now one of the next great novelties of EMUI 11 has been known, with which Huawei wants to further connect our mobile with any device.

Huawei: More News from EMUI 11

It is more than likely that although EMUI 11 arrives loaded with news, it will do so based on Android 11 and not on HarmonyOS , which is the great project of Huawei to fully detach itself from Google. Now the Huawei Central media has had access to information about one of the great news that will arrive in the company’s next operating system. The main objective is still connectivity, making our mobile more useful when pairing with other devices.

A much more connected mobile

Although the source itself admits that precise details are still scarce, the new feature has been dubbed Distributed technology . As detailed, it will allow users to make HD video calls between multiple devices. Audio and video calls can be made wherever and whenever. If an incoming call is received, users can choose to answer with a smart speaker. In the case of the video call, it can be answered from a television, a device integrated in a car or even send a video in real time from a drone to family or friends.

emui 11 logo

A new productivity-focused mode is also explained, where Distributed technology will allow a Huawei mobile and a PC to share their screens, to exchange data more easily by dragging and dropping. The main objective is to use the hardware capabilities such as display, camera, microphone or speaker of each device, so that users can use their capabilities on different devices, thus achieving perfect connectivity.

The news Huawei is preparing

At the moment it is early to know in detail the capabilities of this function and with which devices it can be integrated. It is expected that we can answer questions at the Huawei Developer Conference 2020 (HDC 2020) that will take place between the months of August and September. Although EMUI 11 will play a leading role, Huawei is also expected to show all its advances in HarmonyOS, its own operating system, which will be compatible with multiple platforms. As we say, Huawei has yet to confirm the date when the official EMUI 11 announcement will occur.

Source>Huawei Central