Huawei Has Unveiled Its Roadmap for HarmonyOS in 2021

It will be two years since former United States President Donald Trump and his administration vetoed American companies to work with a list of Chinese companies. Among them was Huawei, which in this time has been forced to transform its business. One of the best examples is HarmonyOS , its new operating system.

This system is finally ready, and Huawei has now announced that it will reach hundreds of millions of users this year, in what will undoubtedly be its true launch and litmus test.

It will reach 300 million devices

Wang Chenglu , President of the Software Department and the IA & Business Intelligence Unit of Huawei Consumer Business Group, announced during the conference ” Connecting to a Simpler Life ” that the operating system of the brand will finally arrive this year in a massive way to your devices around the world. During 2021 alone, he expects the new system to reach more than 300 million devices . And along with this great expansion of the system, he hopes that the number of “partners” that collaborate with Huawei to enrich the ecosystem of this new operating system will also grow.

Huawei HarmonyOS

HarmonyOS is an operating system that will allow the interconnection of several devices at the same time thanks to a common language. This means that devices of different types can have this operating system adapted to the needs of each one. And they will not renounce fluent communication between them by having the same software core, something that can undoubtedly favor a strong growth of the IOT sector, which is precisely one of the fastest growing today and that needs environments and software standards as compatible as possible. Therefore we will not only have HarmonyOS on the brand’s smartphones, but also on numerous devices, from televisions, to computers or tablets and many more.

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A system that will allow greater interaction between different devices . Wang has detailed an example of the great rapport that devices could have with each other in the future. With cases such as a smart watch that can detect when the user has fallen asleep, to then interact with IOT devices to turn off the lights in a room. That kind of rapport between devices is what HarmonyOS will bring when it is present on hundreds of millions of devices.

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Pressure in the smartphone market

In his speech, Wang Chenglu wanted to remember the power that technology has to change and improve people’s lives. But he wanted to point out that in the case of smartphones, the sector is forced to reinvent itself in a context in which global mobile sales have decreased since 2018 and in which the time that consumers spend in the use of their terminals has not varied since 2018, staying between four and five hours a day. He recalled that the industry has peaked , and that therefore it is time to reinvent itself to be more dynamic.

Huawei HarmonyOS

Regarding the role of technology in the world, he has been much more optimistic, with messages that vindicate the power of technology to transform society. In this regard, he said that “Technology has the power to change the world. When I was little my dream was to be able to watch movies at home, and now this is possible anywhere in the world. The rapid development of mobile Internet has led to cashless payments, online shopping and ride-hailing, something that has completely changed our lives ”