Huawei Emerges as Strong Competitor in the Smartwatch Market, Overtaking Samsung

The Apple Watch Series has quietly established itself as a remarkable device, ranking as Apple’s second-best-selling product, trailing only behind the iconic iPhone. Recently, the sales figures for 2023 have been released, showcasing the impressive performance of Apple’s smartwatch. What’s more, it appears that an old contender has emerged, surpassing Huawei in the process.

Apple Watch Reigns Supreme

Apple Watch

The Apple Watch Series has consistently demonstrated its excellence, and this year’s sales figures reflect its continued success with a remarkable 7% growth. The introduction of the first-generation Watch Ultra has played a significant role in this achievement. Interestingly, Apple’s remarkable performance in this market is not solely attributed to its flagship models but also to the popularity of the Apple Watch SE and various promotions available at third-party retailers.

A Shift in the Smartwatch Landscape: Traditionally, Samsung held the position of the second-largest smartwatch manufacturer. However, this year has seen an unexpected turn of events, as Huawei has made significant strides, usurping a substantial portion of Samsung’s market share and securing the second position.

Factors Behind This Shift

Several factors contribute to this shift in the smartwatch landscape for both Huawei and Apple:

  1. Apple’s Ecosystem Synergy: Apple has skillfully leveraged the strengths of its ecosystem to create a nearly seamless product experience. The Apple Watch seamlessly integrates with not only the iPhone but also other Apple devices such as Mac, enabling features like quick unlocking and audio streaming with AirPods, even when your device isn’t within direct reach.
  2. The Apple Watch Ultra: The introduction of the Apple Watch Ultra marked a significant design and functionality overhaul, revitalizing a product line that was beginning to show signs of stagnation. This fresh iteration has garnered favor among Apple enthusiasts, offering new features and an updated design.
  3. Huawei’s Resilience: Despite facing challenges due to restrictions imposed during former President Trump’s tenure, Huawei has continued to innovate and market its products, both within and outside China. This resilience has enabled the company to gradually expand its market share, providing vital revenue streams to support further development of its own hardware and software components.

Awaiting Samsung’s Response

While Huawei’s resurgence is evident, the response from Samsung remains to be seen. A decline in sales may partially be attributed to the relatively recent release of new watches, with the previous generation offering minimal advancements. Time will reveal whether Huawei’s ascent is temporary or if Samsung must act swiftly to regain its competitive edge in the smartwatch market.