How Wallet Works on Huawei Mobiles with EMUI 10

Mobile payments are here to stay and have been. However, they must still penetrate deeper into the population and integrate into all kinds of public and private services. Virtually any mid-range mobile integrates mobile payments or a tool to facilitate them . In the case of Huawei mobiles with EMUI 10, we find the Wallet tool inside its tool drawer.

How Wallet Works on Huawei Mobiles with EMUI 10

Huawei Wallet is a payment application that includes the Huawei Pay functionality. Consumers can use Huawei Wallet to add bank cards and make contactless payments . We are therefore facing a digital wallet and mobile payments service that allows users to make contactless payments in stores and make online payments in applications.

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How does it work

To carry it out, Huawei Wallet digitizes transactions with magnetic stripe or PIN with chip debit and credit cards and replaces them in point of sale terminals with the contactless payment function. It is similar to contactless payments used in many countries, but adds two-factor authentication via fingerprint or code.

Activating Wallet

We can activate the function by entering Wallet, which is in the tool drawer on the desktop of our mobile. In order to access, we can use the same Huawei ID that we have configured on the mobile, since it is a requirement to enter. Once we have entered, we will have to accept the conditions of the service and grant access permissions to the camera (to read the cards) to the sms (for the verification codes) and to the storage (for the registration of applications).

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Insert cards

Once we have accepted all the permissions we can proceed to add our cards to Wallet. The method can be performed by scanning or by entering the data manually. In that case, we will have to enter related information, which includes the card number, the expiration date or the CVV2 number.

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Final check

The application will transfer that card information to the service operator to verify the legitimacy of the card. You will then receive the token on the phone, which is an additional key to validate operations. The token must be activated before it can be used for payments. You can select a verification method to activate the token.

Finally and once the card is added in Wallet, we can use the fingerprint or PIN on the phone and bring it closer to the card reader that supports contactless payments . In this way we can pay without having to take out the wallet and take out our physical cards.