How to use your Razer keyboard and mouse on Linux

Despite the fact that Windows is the most widely used desktop operating system, not all users are satisfied with using it. Many others choose to install open source systems like many of the available Linux distributions on their devices. There are several advantages that this software offers us, although sometimes we also run into some problems.

On many occasions Microsoft‘s operating system causes rejection due to some of its behaviors and functions. A clear example of all this is found with the telemetry that the software carries out by default. With this we refer to the monitoring that is carried out on certain user behaviors for subsequent dispatch to the firm’s servers. Similarly, many others reject the installed software, the official store, the general interface of the system , the high consumption of resources, etc.

use your Razer keyboard and mouse on Linux

However, those who are dissatisfied with using Windows on their computers, without having to pocket a single euro, have many solutions. We already told you before that the Linux distributions that we can download and install are many in this case. In addition, contrary to what happened in the past, these alternatives are increasingly affordable and valid for the vast majority of users. Even for those who have no experience in these matters.

But users migrating from Windows to Linux sometimes run into some pitfalls that they need to fix, if the possibility exists. Serve as a clear example of all this that we are counting, some problems that even today are found with the drivers of certain devices that we try to use on a Linux PC.

Use Razer devices on Linux with this software

This can happen with certain components that we connect and try to install on our computer, such as mice and keyboards from the manufacturer Razer . With everything and with this in case we have problems when installing keyboards and mice of this brand in Linux, we are going to give you an interesting solution. Actually, we mean open source software called OpenRazer that you can download and use for free.


It offers us a series of very interesting characteristics in the event that we have peripherals from the aforementioned manufacturer. To begin with, we will tell you that it provides us with an Open Source controller that allows us to manage Razer peripherals on the Windows computer. It has DKMS support, so it recompiles the driver as such when the Linux system kernel is updated. It is also interesting to know that the program is constantly running in the background in order to interact with our signature devices.

Another advantage that it proposes is that we are talking about a software compatible with the vast majority of distributions , so we will not have compatibility problems in this regard. For all those who have doubts, on the developer’s own website and that we have left you before, you will find a wide list of all compatible devices . In addition to the aforementioned keyboards and mice, we find others such as laptops. In this way, the program allows us to use our devices from this manufacturer without problems in Linux.