How to Use Netflix Party on Android: Watch Series and Chat with Friends

Netflix is the most used entertainment medium in recent weeks, with a considerable increase in terms of subscribers and activity within the platform. He recently launched Netflix Party , a new way to watch series and movies.

It is an extension of the platform to gather friends and family that we have far from home, through which we can follow its content simultaneously. Thus, it will be possible to chat and comment in real time what happens with the members of the group. A useful tool, especially now with the circumstances of confinement that we live.

netflix party

Why is Netflix Party for Android not officially available?

A useful tool that unfortunately is not available for mobile platforms. As mentioned in a statement by Netflix , it will only be available for the web version of computers, so we will not find this new functionality for Android.

netflix party

The reason? The truth is that Netflix Party is not fully implemented on the platform itself, but works as a web extension . This extension is downloaded from the Google Chrome store, and we know that at the moment the Android software does not support the operation of web extensions, so it is impossible to obtain this great tool for mobile devices.

How to get Netflix Party on Android

However, there are reasons for hope. More than hope, it is a reality, since it is possible to gather friends to watch our favorite series and movies, although externally to the Netflix app. Nothing illegal and completely free , it is simply a tool that will help us chat with people while using the streaming platform.

The external app that we are going to use is Rave , which we can find on Google Play for free. Thanks to it, we can simultaneously view content with people from a distance and comment on what happens. However, it is compatible with many more streaming video platforms, such as YouTube, Vimeo and even Google Drive, although we will focus on Netflix.

app rave añadir netflix party

To do this, we enter the Rave application and click on the “+” sign, located in the lower right corner. From there, we chose Netflix as a platform to share content with friends and family, and we entered with our usual one. Actually, the function of the app is to simulate the web version of Netflix , so that this Party functionality can be compatible, something that can be corroborated with the layout of the interface and the loading times. Next we select the series that we want to see in company and the chapter in question, although we have already mentioned that it also works for movies .

app rave configurar chat para netflix party

The video will automatically play, so we must pause it before adding it to friends. It consists of several parameters to adjust, such as the privacy of the chat , if we want it to be public or only for our closest circle, or the method that we are going to use to invite members, either WhatsApp, Telegram, SMS or through a link. In addition, it is possible to vote the content once seen by the members, and even enable or disable the group’s microphones, especially if the chat is public.