How to use the Mi Band without a mobile and what can we do with it

use the Mi Band without a mobile

The Xiaomi Mi Band has become an essential device for many users, both those who use it linked and those who prefer to use the Mi Band without a mobile . You may think, what is the use of this activity bracelet if we cannot consult our historical data, but as you will see it can be very useful.

The little ones or even the elderly also want to have a Mi Band with which they can see the time or count the steps mainly, these users may not have a mobile or do not have a mobile called a smartphone because it is too complex for them or too soon to have it. For these types of users, we are going to show everything they can do to take advantage of this popular smartband without having to worry about configuring it on their mobile.

Your bracelet away from the mobile

Before using the Mi Band 6, 5 or any model without having any account associated with the mobile, we have to bear in mind that it is always necessary to make use of the previous step. Wherever we have bought the Mi Band, it will be essential to link it at least once with the Mi Fit app. Without this, we will not even be able to have the bracelet on time or count the steps since it will remain in the initiation process and there will be no way to skip it in any of the different Mi Band that exist.

Xiaomi Mi Band 6

Therefore, if the Xiaomi sports bracelet is designed for a child or person who does not handle smartphones, another person must be in charge of linking the bracelet to the application. It is a simple process in which we will only have to spend a few minutes for the bracelet to catch up. After that, it will no longer have to be reconnected, except for specific cases or because we do not want to continue to suffer from some limitations that we will see later.

Functions of the Mi Band “solo”

One of the simplest functions that the Mi Band performs is to show us the time, the month and the day , something basic that many users need to check continuously and something that of course we will be able to do on our bracelet without having to be paired with the smartphone. In addition to this, we will also be able to follow the steps we have taken on a day-to-day basis, although we will have to check the steps we have taken for the last time before midnight or the counter will be reset and there will be no way to see them again.

In addition to this, we will be able to know the calories we have burned , as well as the distance traveled and the steps, very advanced statistics that allow us to keep track of them with a small bracelet. We also have to add the heart rate sensor, allowing us to check our pulsations at any time, either in the middle of a sports activity or while at rest. And even the blood oxygen meter in those where it is available, so that health control will be at our fingertips without practically limitations even without using a mobile phone.

my band 4

We will also be able to start physical activities , such as cycling or running, while the heart rate sensor does its work automatically. Personalization is not at odds with being far from the mobile phone, although only with the spheres that come standard on the Mi Band In addition, all the alarms that we have previously programmed will sound even if we are not with the mobile without forgetting that we can also use the bracelet set alarms that wake us up with their vibrations on the wrist.

What you can’t do

Although everything seems very beautiful in the use of the thigh without a smartphone, the truth is that we are also going to lose many other things, which each one will have to assess whether it is worth using it without a mobile or not. To begin with, the first problem that we will find is in the updates, because the Mi Band 4 is not able to connect to the internet as if other clocks do independently and therefore there will be no way to update it. The use of Bluetooth with the smartphone is very important for this. And when we talk about the 4 we talk about any model.

music problem my band

On the other hand, there are the activity logs, the bracelet will save the number of steps or the workouts carried out, but we will not be able to see beyond the training limit. The steps, as we already mentioned, disappear at midnight so as not to return, only in the terminal. By not counting the release to the smartphone, we will not be able to save the route of our races on foot or by bicycle either, since we need GPS to achieve it and at the moment the Xiaomi smartband does not offer it in any of its versions.

Nor will we have access to other extras such as control of the menstrual cycle or weight, if we have added that information. The bracelet will cease to be a complete helper for our health and that is what can put many people back from opting for this option. Of course controlling the music from the bracelet or taking photos from it will be impossible.

Finally, but not least, we must also remember that by not using Mi Fit on our smartphone, we will not receive calls on the bracelet or notifications either. To be aware of what we receive we will have to continue using the mobile if whoever uses the Mi Band has it.

Which option is better?

There is no doubt that those who resort to using the Mi Band without a smartphone is because they do not handle well with the smartphone, the only cases where we recommend choosing not to connect it to the mobile. For everyone else, it is best to always use the smartphone , even if we do not always synchronize the steps and it is something we forget. So we always have all the records saved, to check our sleep or the amount of exercises we do for many months that have passed.