How to use Google Fonts in Word

When it comes to editing or creating text documents, we can use a multitude of programs, although the most popular of all is Microsoft‘s Word. This is an application that is part of the Office suite of the firm that accompanies other programs of the importance of Excel or PowerPoint. Next, we are going to show you how to use Google Fonts in your own documents created in the Microsoft editor.

When we talk about the fonts, what can we actually use, we mean the typefaces that we have the possibility to choose for those texts. Depending on the type of document that we are generating, we will need some sources or others. In fact, Windows itself offers us several elements of this type already pre-installed.

How to use Google Fonts in Word

How to view Windows default fonts

In the event that we need to consult the fonts that we initially have installed on our Windows computer, let’s see how to do it. To do this, the first thing we do is access the configuration application of Windows 10 itself . For example, we can achieve this through the Win + I key combination. Among the options that appear here in this case, we opted to click on the Personalization section.

fuentes Windows

Next, in the panel that we see located to the left of that window we find a section precisely called Sources , which is where we click. At this moment, all the fonts that we have installed in the operating system will appear on the screen. Here we see both those that come by default and those that we have installed later. In addition, we have a search engine in case we are interested in locating a specific source.

Use Google Fonts in our Word DOCX

But on the internet we can find many more fonts, both paid and free, to use in our text projects. As an example, everything that the search giant offers us in this sense. Specifically, we refer to Google Fonts , a website where we can find a multitude of fonts to download. It is precisely for this reason that below we will show you how you can integrate these elements into your Word documents.

Keep in mind that the fonts found on the aforementioned Google Fonts site are not limited to the web. Actually, we have the possibility of downloading them and using them locally in applications like Microsoft Word , which is what interests us precisely in this case.

Download new fonts to use on PC

That is why below we will see download and use these fonts on Windows-based computers. It is worth mentioning that first of all we have to download the font or fonts that we want to use in the documents from the Google Fonts library . We can download specific fonts or all at once, all from this link .

Google fonts

To serve as an example, we are going to download a specific font. For this, we do not place on the indicated website of Google Fonts and we select the font that we want to download. For example, we are going to download the family called Roboto , where we click. When entering a certain font, a button that says Download Family appears in the upper right corner of the window, where we click to download that specific font from the Google Fonts site.

archivo roboto

Here what we have actually just downloaded is a .Zip file that when opened contains the sources as such. These are usually in the .TTF format . This is a process that we have the possibility to repeat as many times as we need with all the sources that we want to download from this site.

Install Google Fonts on the system

Next, what we are going to do is install the downloaded Google fonts on our computer locally. In this way, the new downloaded fonts will be available in Windows programs. Therefore, the next step is to install the downloaded fonts by first double-clicking the downloaded .ZIP file to open it. Next, we double-click on the file of the font we want to open it.

At that moment a new window will open with different samples belonging to that font that we have just executed. This is just a preview of the element that we want to integrate into our Windows computer.

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Well, in order to install that font that we refer to on our computer, in the upper left corner we find a button that will help us. We just have to click on Install so that this new font is added to the existing ones in the operating system and that we saw before. It is worth mentioning that this is a process that we can repeat as many times as we want to install all the fonts we need from the ones we download from Google Fonts.

Use fonts downloaded from Google Fonts in Word

Once we have clicked on the aforementioned button we told you before, when the new font is added, that button will no longer be usable. But as we said, this is a process that we can repeat as many times as we need. Now we are going to open Microsoft’s text editing program, Word . Here we will use the new Google font in the same way that we use any other.

Thus, to access the newly installed font in Word, we open an existing document in the program or a blank document. In this case, in the main interface of the program we take a look at the Source section that we find in the Start menu.

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Here we will see a drop-down list with all the fonts that we can use at that moment because they are installed in the use itself. Now we only have to locate the new one that we have installed, in our case the one called Roboto. Thus, we click on it so that it is selected and we begin to create our new text document with the font that we downloaded from Google Fonts before. As we can see, the system is quite simple and we can also use it as many times as we want depending on the sources that we are going to install .