How to use floating windows on Realme mobiles

Although computers continue to give us many options and functions that mobile phones cannot reach due to their own limitations, there are many others that can be achieved. Among them is the use of floating windows that manufacturers offer to users. Android as standard does not allow us to achieve it beyond the split screen, but things change in Realme.

The customization layer called Realme UI, which takes some inspiration from OPPO‘s, has floating windows among its advantages. A way to get more done on screen at the same time. In this way we can make the mobile phone look like a computer and use two applications at the same time without having to resort to the not always useful option of split screen.

use floating windows on Realme mobiles

Two ways to activate it

To start taking advantage of this Realme UI hack, what we have to do is learn how to use it. There are two options that bring us to the same point, the use of a floating window on what is behind. It does not matter which of the two methods we choose, since in both cases the result will be identical and we will not have difficulties.

First method

The first option requires a few more steps, but in the future it will be useful to open the floating window in just one gesture . For this we have to activate the signature bar. An integrated option within Settings> Practical tools> Smart sidebar.

barra lateral realme

Once this semitransparent bar appears on the side of the smartphone, we only have to slide it to access a series of apps that are located here by default, although we can also add tools or new applications that we want to use in a floating window from the plus. Thus we will always be able to have close and instantly what we need will be within reach.

The alternative

The other method that is available is present from Realme UI 2.0, to use it what we must do is simply open the multitask of our mobile and touch on the two points at the top to the desired app. Then the floating window option will be displayed and we will start using the option as we want to see one app over the others in the terminal.

ventana flotante realme

In both cases, the operation, performance and advantages will be the same, the only thing that changed is the method of reaching any of the apps as a window.

Its advantages

The reason that leads us to recommend and use this trick integrated into Realme mobiles are the advantages it gives us to use our mobile more comfortably and get more out of it. We will no longer have to be moving from one app to another continuously as we have done so far and we will only have to focus our eyes on the desired point to take advantage of it.

It is not an option that gives us many options focused on its use, but we must know the controls it offers to master it, which we show you:

ventana flotante controles realme

  • With the finger at the top of it, we can drag it to any area of the screen.
  • Leaving the finger pressed on the position control we can convert the app to full screen, close it or turn it into a mini window.
  • We can also make the function mini with the gestures activated, sliding the finger from the bottom up.
  • To make this great again, you just have to do one touch.
  • Drag the mini window to change the position where it is minimized.


If you find yourself with any difficulty when opening an application in a floating window, you will have to resort without too many alternatives to open it and close it again. As Realme itself warns us when we open the function for the first time, they could malfunction and it is an option that does not always work as well as we would like. Still useful and practical at certain times.

In the most serious cases that users have had to face, we find that the screen stops reacting , something that happens especially in models with limited RAM. The terminal requires starting a higher power level to allow us to use the two applications at the same time and not all of them are capable of supporting it.

To make good performance easier, we have to think first of all about closing the rest of the applications in multitasking. In this way we will be giving some air to the smartphone so that its processor and the rest of the components are able to manage it. In no case can we use floating windows with more than one app, as it is already complex to do so with only one.


Although we should not have any big errors, not all applications are capable of adapting to a small image size and they make it difficult for us to use them or they do not allow us. At first, social networks, Google apps and Realme native ones work without problem after our tests, being able to navigate through them from the small screen without this being a difficulty.

What we will not be able to see in the floating window are the apps that are protected and programmed to avoid it; Those are the ones that show relevant multimedia content like YouTube, Netflix, HBO and other multimedia platforms. This is done with the intention that we do not take advantage of advanced benefits that could compromise the work of the creators or use features that require payment.

Warning message

As soon as we open many apps, a warning message is shown on the screen, in case we have a problem. In that case we will be able to do very little, since the application developer will be in charge of optimizing the window so that it performs as we want.

ventana flotante realme limitada

Only on Realme?

Although the Android operating system has tried to integrate its own window mode, it has not ended up doing it definitively on any occasion. Therefore, it is the manufacturers who are responsible for achieving it on their own. In this case, we can see that at least all the smartphones of the firm with Realme UI in any of its versions enjoy it. On the other hand, Xiaomi or Huawei also have their own option to achieve it.