How to use Android Auto in an unsupported car

With the passage of time, driving a vehicle becomes a lighter and easier task. This is due to technological advances that occur over time and that are implemented in cars. An example of this is Android Auto , Google’s intelligent navigation system.

Thanks to this software we can access our mobile phone quickly and without taking our eyes off the road. However, its main disadvantage is that it is not compatible with a large number of cars, since they do not have a screen to run on, although this does not mean that it cannot be used.

use Android Auto in an unsupported car

From your mobile

In case you didn’t know, Android Auto can also be used from your own smartphone, so you do n’t really need a screen in your car to control it. Although it is true that having it is much more helpful. Above all, considering that the number of information that appears is greater, but sometimes you cannot have everything.

If you go to Google Play and search for Android Auto, the only alternative that appears is ‘Android Auto for phones’ . Initially, there should be no difficulty in downloading it, but some users have experienced complications in this regard. Be careful, the mobile app does not exempt you from operating problems, although they can be solved.

android auto

If you find yourself among them, don’t worry, there is a truly simple solution. All you have to do is go to softwares like Activity Launcher . It is a launcher from which you can manually download the application. The steps are simple: first, open the launcher and search for Android Auto. On any of the options, click on ‘Run Activity’. If it works, repeat the above and hit ‘Create shortcut’ .

The interface continues to stand out for its simplicity and minimalism . The distribution of the various configurations is not as effective due to the little space where the information is managed. Even so, we have the basics at our disposal to quickly reply to a message, play content or navigate with GPS.

It doesn’t stand alone

You can hardly make use of the navigation system of the American company if you do not have some type of support where you can enter the terminal. Without one in good condition, not only its handling becomes more complex, but you also expose yourself to an accident or a malt from using the mobile while driving.

The variability of these is more than considerable, as there are different types depending on where you want to place it. Both on the steering wheel and on the windshield through the dashboard and the rear view mirror. But the most important thing of all is that it is approved .

Soporte Móvil Coche

Once the type of support has been chosen and this requirement has been met, it is time to place it . Depending on the class chosen, the place where to place it will be specified, but remember that it must not obstruct the driver’s visibility at any time. That is why before starting the march you must make sure that its position does not negatively influence the work of driving.

In any case, we vehemently remember that using the mobile phone during it is completely prohibited and punishable by law. Regardless of whether we do it with the device embedded in the support. If we are located in the middle of the trip, it is necessary to be stopped to handle Android Auto.