How to Update the Add-ons Installed on Kodi

There are many types of files with which we work at the moment in Windows , both professionally, as more domestic or related to leisure. For example, when we get home, we use our audio or video files to watch movies or listen to music. For this we must also have certain programs compatible with these files, as happens with Kodi in the entertainment section.

We are talking about this specific application because it is one of the main ones in the world when it comes to working with multimedia content. Here we refer to music, video , photo files, etc. But that’s not all, but Kodi also allows us to manage television channels , programs or games. All this from an interesting user interface.

 Update the Add-ons Installed on Kodi

Therefore we could say that Kodi is a complete multimedia center from which we not only reproduce these files. At the same time it allows us to control and manage our libraries of this content. For this, the open source program has been with us for a good number of years accumulating experience. In fact in the past its name was XBMC to be called as it is now. Of course, on many occasions this name has been tainted largely due to its relationships with pirated content.

Interfaz Kodi

However, it must be clear that Kodi is a totally legal program . The problem is caused by the use that some users make of it. To do this, they take advantage of the support with add-ons or complements that it has to call and illegally access paid content, free.

The importance of keeping the software always up to date

Well, once we know all this, say that in these same lines we are going to focus on the aforementioned add-ons . These are add-ons that we add to the media center in order to increase its versatility. So we can add new functions, improve the appearance of its interface, call other external content , etc. It is also worth mentioning that we can make use of both the program’s own plugins, and those developed by third parties.

But it is not enough to install these add-ons and we already forgot, since at the same time they need some maintenance, especially those of third parties. And it is necessary to bear in mind that in these moments the security of all our data in the PC is very important. Thus, the software that we use daily on the computer is a key element in all of this. Thus, one of the best measures we can take in this regard is to keep the programs we use updated at all times. You have to know that all this is becoming increasingly important in all types of applications and platforms .

The reason for all this is given by the possible attacks that outdated versions of the software can suffer, where Kodi and its add-ons enter. As we told you before, in this case we are going to focus on the popular multimedia center, a tool that, as with the rest, should be kept updated. This will help us, in addition to being able to enjoy all its news, to increase the security of our system. Thus, the first thing we must know to update Kodi, is to know which version we are using at the moment. To do this, we just have to start the program, since an image appears on the welcome screen indicating the version it is running.

Pantalla bienvenida Kodi

Update Kodi to have the latest version

Therefore, at this point we will say that to update the software as such, we can do it quickly and easily. For example, for all those who use Windows 10 and have installed Kodi from the Microsoft Store , automatic updates are applied if we have the option activated.

Developer: XBMC Foundation

On the other hand, assuming that we have installed the Win32 version of the program, we will have to download the new update by hand. For this we will only have to download and install it manually from the official website of its developers .

How to update installed add-ons on Kodi

This in regards to the application as such, but that is not the only maintenance we can do here. We say this because the add-ons that we install, as we mentioned before, also need to receive their own updates. Therefore, in the case of the complements that we are talking about, it is also advisable to always keep them updated to be able to make use of the most recent news of each proposal. The operation of all this is simple. Thus, if it is an external add-on, normally the small program itself contacts the main repository server.

This is something that is carried out periodically from time to time, all in order to check if there are any updates available for the installed add-ons . However, in the event that we want to make sure, this is something that we can carry out ourselves by hand, so we will show you how to do it.

The first thing will be to open the program as such to play multimedia content. Once we have its main interface on the screen, in the menu on the left we go to the section called add-ons. Then the add-ons that we have installed in the program appear .

Add-ons instalados

Therefore, to see if this plugin is up to date or not, we select it by clicking on its icon with the right mouse button. Next, what we have to do is select the Information option that we will see on the screen .

Información add-on

In this way we will see that a new window appears on the screen in which we see various data related to that specific complement. At the same time we find a series of buttons that will allow us to interact with it. So we can configure it , if it allows it, delete it, deactivate it, or update it. That is precisely what interests us in this case, so we click on the “Update” button.

Actualizar complementos kodi

On the other hand, something that we must take into account since we are here, is that we can activate the function that makes the process take place automatically. Then we will only have to activate the Auto update selector to forget about all this in the future.