How to unsubscribe Netflix step by step on mobile

If you are thinking of canceling Netflix to avoid paying, because you are no longer going to use the service, it no longer convinces you, because it gives you many download errors or you simply do not want to continue using it, whatever reason you have, we We comment on what you must do to unsubscribe from your mobile and what this implies.

If you unsubscribe before the last day that you would have to pay again, you will not be refunded the money , but you will be able to continue enjoying its contents for all the time you have paid. If you do it exactly on the day you were charged, you will be able to use Netflix for one more month. Therefore, if you want to stop paying Netflix more, it is important that you start the cancellation process as soon as possible.

How to unsubscribe Netflix step by step on mobile

How to avoid the next payment on Netflix

To cancel Netflix and not pay more for it, what you have to do is the following:

  • Get on Netflix
  • Click on the icon of your account on the top right page
  • Select the Account section
  • There you will find, if you scroll down the screen, the option to cancel subscription
  • Read what it tells you and press Complete cancellation
  • You will have already unsubscribed

cancelar netflix en el movil

Once you have done so, it will tell you when your current billing will be effective, the date on which you will no longer be able to watch Netflix content . If you take advantage of a coupon or similar, you will enjoy it for as long as you have left without being harmed by the drop. If it is in a suspended state, it will be canceled at the same time you unsubscribe it.

It is important that you know that deleting an account will not cancel your subscription plan, nor if you give it to log out on all devices. If you want to make sure you don’t pay more, follow the steps that we have indicated above.

Can I recover my data if I return?

Once you have canceled the services of this streaming app, whether it is from your mobile, the web or from any other site, you can reactivate it whenever you want with your data and viewing preferences within the next 10 months following the cancellation. If you do not reactivate it within this period , everything will disappear and you will have to reconfigure it again as before.

Error de Netflix en el móvil

So if you want to keep your account preferences , but you don’t want to use Netflix, before 10 months you can sign up again and take the opportunity to see all the content you’re interested in and then unsubscribe again so you don’t get charged more. . Thus, you will have to pay at least one installment every 10 months.

In case you don’t mind this, simply unsubscribe and return whenever you want, if you want, and later you will establish new preferences, profiles and adjustments according to your interests.

If you don’t see the option to cancel

If you do not see the option to cancel, it is most likely that you have contracted with another provider and not directly with Netflix. For example, you have contracted it or it has been given to you by your telephone company or any other provider. In this case, you will have to cancel it through the company in which you have hired it.

In the Account section you will find a link that will guide you on how to complete the cancellation process at the corresponding company or how to contact your provider. In any case, if you know what it is and you want to speed up the process, contact them by email, form, telephone or whatever is most convenient for you to process the cancellation. You can also contact Netflix for advice.