How to Uninstall Apps from Your Wear OS Smartwatch

A noteworthy characteristic of Wear OS watches in particular, such as the Samsung Galaxy Watch6, is that they are incredibly diverse and equip watches with multifunctional features. As the wearable has the Play Store built in on the wrist, one can download many different applications. But there are certainly situations when you have to remove it like, when the internal storage is full, or you want to simplify an interface or get rid of problematic applications.

Here’s a clear and concise in and out direction on how to do it.

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Why Uninstall Apps?

Removing unnecessary apps from your smartwatch can help you:Removing unnecessary apps from your smartwatch can help you:

  • Free up storage space
  • Keep a cleaner and more organized look on the screen
    Delete programs that can pose a problem
  • The necessary condition[s] which guarantee the proper functioning of a watch should be considered.

Methods to Use to Delete Apps Employing the Play Store
Wake Up Your Watch:

Describably tap on the screen of the smartwatch to bring it to life.
Access the App List:

Press the power button for going to the app list.
Open the Play Store:

Locate and click on the icon of Play Store app.
Navigate to My Apps:

Slide your finger up from the bottom and tap “My apps. ”
Select and Uninstall the App:Select and Uninstall the App:

Select the particular application that you want to delete and go to the bottom of the screen and tap on uninstall.

Procedure on How to Uninstall Apps using the Settings Menu
Access the Settings:

Go to the watch face then, swipe down and tap on the settings button.
Go to Apps & Notifications:Go to Apps & Notifications:

Go to “Apps & notifications,” then “Application information. ”
Select and Uninstall the App:Select and Uninstall the App:

Select the application and start uninstalling by pressing the uninstall button that appears when you tap on the application.

Uninstall Limitations

You can easily remove most of the applications that you have downloaded your self like Outlook, different Google applications and etc. However, Bixby and Samsung Pay apps are among the preinstalled apps that can only not be uninstalled. For these, your most effective course of action is to turn them off if they are bothersome to you but you should generally stay away from System Apps as it is preferable to let watch apps do their work as necessary for your Watch to properly run.

Additional Tips

Prepare Your Watch:

If required, make sure your watch is connected to the WiFi and your Google account.


In case of a problem, power your watch off and try the steps from the beginning to solve the problem.

Regarding removing the system applications, it is better not to do so even if third-party applications can perform that since it may adversely affect your smartwatch.