How to Tame and Control Animals in Fortnite

With the arrival of season 6 to Fortnite , players were able to experience the arrival of new characters that until now had not appeared in the game: animals. Spread across different areas of the map, we will find several different species that can attack us and reduce our health bar, however, if we take the necessary steps, we can tame them to help us.

What animals are in Fortnite?

For now, the animals that we can find scattered around the island will be wolves, wild boars and chickens, the first being the most aggressive and most dangerous. The good news is that there will be a way to reassure them, to the point of taming them and making them our companions. And it is that if you put them on your side, they will be able to attack the rivals that we have in sight.

Tame and Control Animals in Fortnite

Kill or tame

When you face an animal you will have two options (or three if you decide to run away). On the one hand, you can attack them with the weapons you have at that time and eliminate them, in order to obtain food and bones with which to improve the primitive weapons. But, on the other hand, you can tame them so that they become allies and accompany you in the game.

Do you want to tame one of the animals? We tell you how.

How to tame a wolf in Fortnite

Fortnite Animales

The first of the animals is the wolf. It is the most dangerous in the game, as it will attack normally in a pack and continually try to bite you. The attack rhythm is pauses and in turns, so you can defend yourself if you need it. To tame a wolf, the first thing you will have to do is feed it, and for this you must throw one of the meat thighs that you get when you kill a wild boar or another wolf.

Fortnite animales

As soon as the wolf begins to eat what you have thrown at it, you can get closer and press the tame button that will appear on the screen. After doing so, the wolf will become your faithful companion and will continue as long as you are alive (or until he is eliminated).

How to tame a wild boar in Fortnite

Fortnite Animales

In the case of wild boars, we will have to do practically the same thing, however, instead of throwing meat we will have to use fruits and vegetables. To find this food we will only have to search among the green baskets that you will find in many areas of the map, or directly pick up ears of corn from the Colossal Crops plantation.

Fortnite animales

Once you have some type of plant food, throw it to the wild boars to start eating, and you just have to get closer and press the tame button to become companions.

Can chickens be tamed?

Fortnite Animales

The chickens that you will see scattered around the map cannot be tamed, however, if they have a rather peculiar function, since they will allow you to glide from the heights as if you had the paraglider deployed and thus avoid fall damage. To achieve this you will only have to grab one of these chickens and throw yourself from the heights, although the problem will be precisely to grab them, since they will run continuously when you chase them.

Are there more secret animals?

Fortnite Temporada 6

At the moment these are the three animals available in the game (there are also frogs, but those cannot be tamed), however, there are rumors that some kind of dinosaur will appear soon. According to some leaks, velociraptors could appear on the island, something that would make a lot of sense if we take a look at the area called the Rogue Feud , which is reminiscent of a fortress similar to that of Jurassic Park.