How to Stop Spam on Your Google Calendar

For a few weeks, Google Calendar has suffered a real wave of spam invading the calendar of many of its users. In this way do not be surprised if when you open the service you start to see reminders that you did not create or, for example, messages announcing that you will soon be able to get a brand-new iPhone XS without spending a penny. All of them are fraudulent messages that want to make you fall for some kind of scam.

These spam messages appear in our calendars because by default Google Calendar automatically adds any type of event that arrives in our mail.

In this way, any deceptive campaign takes advantage of this trick to infiltrate our day to day and wait for us to be victims of some of its malicious links.

Google Calendar
Google Calendar

To avoid falling into this type of Internet fraud and also to clean up your calendar, it is best to change your Google Calendar settings and avoid their appearance. Would you like to know how to get rid of spam messages in your calendar? We tell you under these lines.

Why does spam appear on my calendar?

Surely if you have reached this article it is because at some point you have opened your calendar and you have encountered an event or reminder that you do not remember adding.

These usually advertise really attractive products or remind you that you have some type of device (usually from Apple) waiting to be redeemed and you just have to click on a link.

As with most things in life, when something is too good to be true, distrust it. All these reminders are Internet frauds that have been introduced in the Google calendar through your Gmail email.

This is achieved thanks to an option through which Calendar imports any type of event that arrives in your email account and automatically adds it to your email.

While these spam reminders are a real nuisance when it comes to checking your work calendar, it is also very easy to solve this problem. To do this you simply have to follow these steps.

Spam Email
Spam Email

How to eliminate the arrival of spam to Google Calendar

Preventing fraudulent notices and reminders from reaching your Google calendar is simple. To do this you must first access the official Google Calendar page by clicking here, or if you wish, by clicking on the “More features” icon that will appear when you visit the search engine page and select the “Calendar” option.

On the Google Calendar page, click on the "Settings" icon that appears in the upper right corner of the screen and looks like a cogwheel. Within the settings, click on the "Event Settings" option on the left side menu.

Once this is done, click on the “Add invitations automatically” option (it is between “Default guest permissions” and “Notifications”) and with the drop-down menu open, select the option “No, show only invitations to that I have responded”. This will prevent spam emails sent as an invitation from appearing on your calendar.

Finally, look for the "Gmail Events" section and deselect the option "Automatically add Gmail events to my calendar”. After that, Calendar will warn you that it will automatically delete any other event added from Gmail. Press "Accept" to clear your calendar of all spam messages.

If you have completed the previous steps, your calendar should now appear clean of any spam message and event, in addition to not reappearing without your permission.

We hope that this little trick will help you not to fall into any Internet fraud and improve your user experience with Google Calendar.