How to Sign a PDF: Best Applications and Websites to Sign Documents

Every day there are more and more procedures that we can do electronically and without the need to do it in person. However, in many of these procedures it is necessary that we sign certain documents. Some services allow us to use a digital signature to identify ourselves on the Internet, but at other times it is normal for them to send us a contract or document that we must return signed.

Given this situation, there are many who print the document, sign it and then scan it to scan it again and send it again. But this is something that we can avoid today, so you can sign a PDF document without having to print it.

Today the PDF format is the most used when sharing documents that contain information that we do not want anyone to manipulate or modify. Therefore, it is normal that whenever we receive a document, it is in this format. Now, if what we have to do is sign it, we may find that we do not know how we can do it without having to print it out on paper and then digitize it again.

However, there is no doubt that the most comfortable and fast is to do it from our PC, mobile or tablet and without having to take it out on paper. Next we will show the steps to follow to sign a PDF with one of the most used programs to handle documents in this format and some websites to be able to sign documents from the browser itself.


Steps to follow to sign a PDF with Adobe Acrobat Reader

One of the most used and popular programs to edit PDF is Adobe Acrobat Reader DC . A tool that we can get for free from the Adobe website itself in this link and that allows us to edit and sign documents in this format.

Therefore, the first thing we will have to do is download and install the Adobe tool if we do not already have it on our PC. Once this is done, the next thing we have to do is open it on our desktop and follow the steps shown below:

  • Let’s go to the Tools tab.
  • We look for the option to fill in and sign and click on Open .

firmar un PDF

  • Select the file we want to sign from our hard drive.
  • We choose the Fill and sign option .

firmar un PDF

  • Select the Sign> Add signature tool.
  • We write our signature from the mouse, pencil or with our finger if it is a touch screen.

  • We make sure to place it in the correct place in the document.
  • Click on Apply and we will have our signed document.
  • We save the changes and we have it ready to return signed.

Webs to sign PDF documents from the browser

In addition to the popular Adobe tool, there are plenty of online services that allow us to sign PDF from the browser itself on any computer or device.


Smallpdf is a website that offers several online tools to handle PDF documents. Among all of them, we find the one that allows us to sign a freehand document as if it were a paper document, being able to request the signing of that same file to other people.

firmar un pdf

To do this, the first thing we have to do is go to the Smallpdf site, and in the Sign a document option click on the Choose button. We upload the file we want to sign and once it is displayed in our browser, we will see the option Place Signature. This will open a small window in which we can upload our signature or perform the freehand stroke.


It is another site from which we can sign a PDF quickly and easily. We just have to visit the online tool from this link in our browser. Choose the file that we want to sign and then we will be offered the option to draw our signature, upload a file that contains it or take a photo to our rubric to add it to the document.

firmar un pdf

With our signature included, all we have left is to click on the Create PDF button and we will automatically like a new file signed in the same format.


LightPDF is another website to which we can go when we need to sign an online document. To do this, the first thing we have to do is open the site in our browser and select the PDF we want to sign. Once we have loaded our document, the Create signature option will appear at the top.

imprimir un pdf

This will allow us to draw our own signature, select it from any image we have with it or make use of a certificate. We select the option we want, we add the signature, we place it in the correct place of the document and we can already save the duly signed PDF.


SodaPDF is a web page where we can easily sign a PDF from our browser, although in this case we will have to register previously. This will allow us to try the tool for free for 14 days, enough to sign our documents without major problems.

SodaPDF allows you to add several signers indicating your email address, name and surname. Once the signatures of all of them are, we will simply have to drag and drop each of them into the part of the document that we want.


With HiPDF we can sign a PDF in a similar way to the other options mentioned above. It requires us to register for free beforehand and allows us to upload our document from disk or any of the most popular cloud storage services.

firmar un pdf

Once we have loaded the document, clicking on the Sign option will appear a small window in which we will have the option to write our signature, draw it or upload an image. Finally, we place the signature in the corresponding place of the document and click on the Apply button.