How to share the internet from the Mac

Today it may seem practically impossible to use a device without any kind of internet connection. But sometimes you don’t always have a router that emits a Wi-Fi signal constantly. In this case, you should know that the Mac can be of great help in these situations to be able to create a local network that provides internet to other devices. In this article we explain the steps to be able to make the most appropriate configuration.

What functions will be provided when sharing internet

How to share the internet from the Mac

As its name suggests, this is a functionality that will always allow you to share the Internet connection in a comfortable way with any device. In the end, the computer will act as a simple router, and in the end, all the devices that are around will be able to connect quickly to the Mac. This is a function that may be unknown to many people, but that must be discovered, since it can save from one emergency to more than one.

But surely you have thought… When am I going to need this type of functionality? This can happen especially when you are with a Mac that is connected to the internet through the Ethernet or cable connection, and there is no Wi-Fi connection. In this situation, what you will be able to do is share the connection with other computers or mobile devices through the Wi-Fi connection. In this way, the problem that may exist of not being able to connect a computer to the Internet through this means that is so common is completely corrected.

Steps to follow to share internet

Once the decision has been made to choose to share the internet connection with a person who is close to you, there are many previous steps to be taken. In this situation, what stands out at first is the possibility of sharing the connection of the entire list of services

Activate the sharing option

By default, and for security reasons, it should be noted that the option to share the internet is deactivated. In this case, it must be activated beforehand to be able to make the computer broadcast the internet without any problem to other devices. The steps you will have to follow to enable it are:

  1. Access System Preferences.
  2. Click Share , symbolized by a blue folder.
  3. Select the Internet Sharing section from the list of services.
  4. In the Share connection from dropdown menu, select the way to cast internet. Here you can choose Ethernet to make the connection through the cable itself. But you will also be able to select Wifi as a connection method. This is something that is much more comfortable.

Create your own local network

In the event that in the previous step you have chosen the connection through Wi-Fi, you will have to create the necessary bridge in order to have a local network. In this case, it will be made public that any device that searches for a Wi-Fi network, be it with its iPhone, iPad or even an Android mobile, can track the SSID to access the corresponding network. The steps to follow are the following after choosing the option ‘With other computers via Wifi’ from the list:

  1. Click Wi-Fi Options and configure the network to share the internet. The following data will have to be entered:
  • Network name: Type a name for the shared connection. It will be public for all the people who will want to connect to the device.
  • Channel: Click the Channel dropdown menu, then choose another channel if you don’t want to use the default channel. This is ideal to avoid oversaturation that may exist.


  • Security: If available, click the Security dropdown menu and choose an option.
    • If all computers using Internet Sharing support WPA3, choose “WPA3 Personal”.
    • If any of the computers using Internet Sharing only support WPA2, please choose “WPA2/WPA3”.
  • Password : Enter a password. If you want to see the current password, select the “Show password” option that appears below the password.
  1. In the list of services on the left, select the “Internet Sharing” option.
  2. If you’re sure you want to share the internet, click Start. Otherwise, click Cancel.

To this we must also add the fact that the password will vary depending on the type of security that you are going to admit. It is advisable in these cases to opt for WPA3, although as long as your device is compatible with this security protocol.

Safety warnings to keep in mind

It is important to note in any case that there are important security warnings when opening the internet connection. In short, we are talking about the creation of a local network, as we have mentioned throughout the entire article. It is as if the Mac were a router to which another device is going to be connected in order to receive information from the internet. In this way, different relevant aspects must be taken into account, such as, for example, that the connection must not be made, that they are completely foreign. This is mainly because anyone who has access to the local network will be able to use it for malicious purposes. Above all, malicious access to device information stands out, especially in order to access the information that is stored inside the device.

It is for all this that in general you have to avoid connecting devices that you do not know to your network. It is vitally important to have a password that is longer and more complex, the more security you will have. What you should avoid at all times in this situation is that a person outside of you is going to access your local network. Only leave it reserved for friends or colleagues in whom you have complete confidence. In the end, when you access your local network, you will also have access to all the devices that are connected indirectly by showing the MAC access addresses.

This is something that falls within the most basic security advice that we can find. We recommend you always have access to the main router, which must also have the maximum security measures to avoid any hacking.