How to share Gmail emails as a link

When it comes to email services, it is undeniable that Gmail is one of the most popular and used by millions of people around the world. It is a platform that with each passing day has more followers and continues to grow in features, some of them unknown. For example, it is possible to share the email of our registered account in Gmail as if it were a link.

This is interesting if we have an email conversation that we want to share with our team, embed in a blog, forum, or post via Slack. It is true that Gmail does not have any option by itself to carry out this task, although there are ways to do it. So today, we’re going to look at how we can create shareable links from email conversations in our Gmail inbox so they can be shared anywhere we can paste a link.

How to share Gmail emails as a link

Use this extension for Google Chrome

Therefore, and to be able to do something as useful as it is simple, such as generating a link from a simple email that we have saved in our Gmail account, the first thing we will do is download and install the Google Chrome extension called Share Email as Link .

Once we have downloaded it and integrated it into the browser itself, it allows us to create shared links for all Gmail emails. All content such as text, images or attachments will be included here. Of course, the first time we use this utility, we will have to register with the service. For this we can use our own Gmail account. Next, the link we are looking for will appear on the screen and we can copy it directly to the Windows clipboard.

Gmail crear cuenta Share emails

In addition, its use is extremely simple, since, to share an email as a link , we will only have to open its thread and immediately we will observe that at the top there is a new button in the form of “Link” that is the one that precisely serves to create the links of that specific message.

Gmail pulsar icono de enlace

Therefore, when clicking on the aforementioned new button that creates the installed extension, a link will be automatically generated from the email so that we can take it to the platform we want and thus share that message with third parties just by including that link. To do this, simply click directly on the “Copy to clipboard” button. When the recipient clicks on the link, a new web page with the content of the email will open, which will also include the email attachments for the recipient to view and download.

Copiar enlace de Gmail al portapapeles

Share emails with Litmus Scope

We are talking this time about a free website which provides us with a bookmark which can be used to share Gmail emails as links. However, unlike the Chrome extension seen above, this option only includes the content of the email (text, images, etc.), but not the files attached to the link .

To do this, the first thing to do is access the Litmus Scope website , and click on the “Get the Bookmarklet” button. Next, we simply have to drag that button to the bookmarks bar of our browser, which will make us see a “Scope it” marker in the bar.

Litmus añadir a marcadores

Once this is done, we simply have to access Gmail and open the email that you want to share as a link. Next, we click the “Scope it” bookmark at the top and it will automatically process the email and open a new preview window with the generated link. Here we can also see on the right the option of being able to see the source code of the email or the design view, as well as showing only the text, without the images.

Gmail pulsar en Scopet it

Finally, we only have to copy the link from the address bar and share it with whoever we want so that they can see the content of the email. This link will be valid for 15 days. In case we want to save it for a longer time, it will be necessary to create an account in Litmus Scope, clicking on the “Save scope” button.

Gmail vista previa del contenido del enlace

Share Gmail emails with Mailspring

Gmail doesn’t by default allow us to link or share messages through its webmail interface, but it does support IMAP, which means we can use other email programs like Mailspring to check our mail and create sharing links from it. email threads.

Mailspring is one of the most popular email clients for Windows. Through its use, we will be able to insert our Gmail account to have access to all our email from the desktop of the computer. It is a perfect tool to check our email at any time, send emails, categorize them and do anything we need to do with it quickly and very efficiently. In addition, it allows us to create sharing links from email threads. To start we must download Mailspring for free from its website.

Mailspring pulsar icono de compartir

Once downloaded and installed, we must register with the Gmail account that we want to use and give the appropriate permissions so that all the emails that we have in the client account can be synchronized and downloaded. Once our email is downloaded, we open the email we want to share. We will see how in the upper right part there is the “Share” icon which we must press. This will bring up the sharing panel and we click the “Share this thread” checkbox. This will automatically generate a link which we can share with whoever we want.

Mailspring comparte este hilo

Anyone with the link can view the conversation and download attachments . If new emails arrive in the conversation, Mailspring will add them to the shared link. We can stop sharing a conversation at any time by unchecking the “Share this thread” checkbox.